Samsung t401g from Straight Talk locked/SIM blocked? Pleaseeeeeeeee help!!!?

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I was messing around with my phone so I could make a lock code and I entered the wrong "PUK" code and I guess the wrong "PIN" many times and now when I turn on the more
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  • Jimmy answered 4 years ago
Unfortunately if a PUK is entered incorrectly around 10ish sort of times then it will completely lock the sim rendering it useless.

There is a few things you can do which is get a new sim either one with a number on it or a blank one and have the number out onto it or alternatively Customer Services can normally send a replacement sim out to you.

What you will definitely need the phone number because normally without that you can't really do much, just try your local phone store see if they can help with a new sim.
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  • Brilliant answered 4 years ago
    I did the exact same thing...please tell me if you find out the answer !!!!!!!
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