.........Children's Games?

Did you ever play church? Did you make communion waffers out of Wonder Bread? Did you place your slips on your head for nun's habits? And Now? what games are fun?

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    1 decade ago
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    We played Princess Diana's Wedding - I was Diana, my friend was Charles, and we'd have this fantasy wedding with bouquets of grass and such. Loads of fun :)

    My kids just play school... and jail.

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    But since it was me and my brothers, we didn't have a habit. I was the priest and since our priest always talked real fast, I'd just say something that no one could understand and slow down to say "Lord" every so often. If we didn't have Wonder bread, crackers worked. If we were real lucky, we could talk our mom into letting us use Nilla Wafers.

    An other game we would play was Emergency. My littlest brother would have to be Chet because, well, he was too young to be any of the cool guys one the show.

    Pretend games are all good for kids. Unfortunately too many parents don't allow for kids to get "bored enough" to get to the point that their creativity comes out. Too many of our toys don't demand creativity because all the sounds and actions are included. We we played Emergency, the steering wheel was a little wooden floor coaster that my dad had. I didn't look anything like a steering wheel except it was round. To be a priest, we turned our shirt backward. What fun!

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    Sumtimez i lulz 2hardz?....

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