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How will a therapist act if I tell them about my suicidal thoughts?

I have decided to go see a therapist tomorrow about some problems I have. I am scared to tell them that I have been having suicidal thoughts for a while. Sometimes they get pretty bad, but I have never acted on them. I have thought about how I will do it and where I would do it, and I think about it quite often.

Should I tell the therapist? If I should, do I just come out and say it or wait and see if they ask me? Also, how will they react, I'm not going to tell them if I end up in the hospital or if they tell my family?

I am 19 years old and I am male.

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    U must tell them, They r profesionals & dont share it with any 1.

    Source(s): I have been 2 psyco-threpist
  • Connie
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    Your therapist will not be shocked by what you say. Many people have suicidal thoughts. The therapist will try to evaluate with you how likely you are to act on the thoughts you are having now. If you don't seem likely to actually attempt suicide, the therapist will probably do nothing other than talk to you about the thoughts, in the context of the other problems you are experiencing. If you are likely to take action imminently, the therapist will send you for evaluation and possible admission to a psychiatric facility to keep you safe until medication and treatment can begin to have an effect. in this case, imminent means imminent: you have the razor in your hand, the supply of pills and the glass of water and so on. The therapist cannot tell your family without your permission.

    I suggest that you tell the therapist about your thoughts early on in the session. Just be honest. You really have very little to fear.

    Source(s): Thirty years as a therapist
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    Im so sorry you are feeling that way. Tell your therapist, I would assume that even a thought given your history could prompt them to send you back. I know you may not like the thought but they are there to help you. I understand why you may not like spending time at the facility but its better to give them a few weeks than to lose your life. I was in an institution for five and a half months. Honestly I didnt love it but looking back that was five years ago and now im doing great. It may seem like a long time now but think how many years you still have ahead of you to live. Id gladly go back for five months to know that it would improve my chances of getting better.

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    Trust me, your therapist has heard this before. It will be nothing new to him / her. It's part of their job. I went through the same thing and was really nervous about talking to my therapist about a certain thing, and when I mentioned it, she wasn't phased. Why? Because she had heard it so many times. In fact, she knew what I was going to say and she knew exactly what to do about it.

    Don't be nervous and definitely tell him / her about your thoughts. That is the point in going there, right?

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  • 10 years ago

    Say whatever you want. Usually if your having suicidal thoughts for no reason, you need help. But if your having a tough time, they will understand your just going through a rough patch and once its over, the thoughts will be gone too. Talk about anything your comfortable talking about, these people are professionals.

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    they wont lock you up or take you away first of all

    they just ask your baseline history and why you feel the way you do

    make sure you are honset

    you are an adult so they have to make it confindential

    that law starts when youre 13 in some places

    their job is to help you not judge

    its good that you havent acted on anything because that means you do want to live

    its not going to be bad at all

    its good your getting help because suicide is never the answer

    good luck and be honest honest and did i mention honest

    Source(s): been in therapy since age 12 for same issuses
  • 10 years ago

    You're over 18, they won't tell your family...legally, they can't.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    yes tell them and they will be able to help you

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