Very weird thing about SvR 2011?

They say there will be 70 playable characters.

The current roster (With no announcers, gm's or chairmen)

All superstars, all divas, all season 1 nxt rookies

Only comes up to 76!

I can barely see Tamina as a playable, same for Hornswoggle and maybe Regal.

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    Only? That's the biggest roster in a Smackdown game in a long time! They won't have Tamina because she hasn't been in WWE for that long. Hornswoggle will probably be a manager again and William Regal will most likely get in. 76 is a great amout of superstars.

    2008 only had about 30 superstars, so consider that.

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    They won't include all current employees. The game was planned out for months, and newer wrestlers probably won't be included. Announcers/managers probably won't be included as playable characters either. And not all divas will be included. Plus they always have a few legends, so they will take up some spots. The NXT guys probably won't be there, except for maybe the winner. I didn't know WWE had over 70 wrestlers, that seems like a lot for a company that is getting rid employees every other month.

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    this is my predicted roster



    Rey Mysterio

    Kofi Kingston

    Big Show

    Chavo Guerrero


    Chris Masters


    CM Punk*

    Cody Rhodes

    Dolph Ziggler

    Drew McIntyre

    Jack Swagger*


    Luke Gallows

    Matt Hardy


    [17 total]



    Chris Jericho*

    The Miz*

    David Hart Smith


    Evan Bourne*


    John Cena*

    John Morrison

    Mark Henry

    Mr. McMahon



    Randy Orton*

    Santino Marella

    Ted DiBiase

    The Great Khali

    Triple H*

    Tyson Kidd

    Vladamir Kozlov

    William Regal

    Yoshi Tatsu

    Zack Ryder

    [ 23 total ]

    Missing the Cut

    There are many wrestlers who have not made my 'Predicted Roster' list for various reasons. Here is a list with my reasons as to why I think they will "Miss the Cut".

    Curt Hawkins - Rarely used, push came too late.

    Shad - Rarely used.

    Ezekial Jackson - Rarely used.

    Trent Beretta & Caylen Croft - debuted too late.

    NXT Season One Rookies - debuted too late.

    Mike Knox - rarely used before being released.

    Jey & Jerry Uso - debuted too late.

    Ranjin Singh - rarely used, has not appeared in other games.

    Finlay - rarely used on television.

    Serena - although she has appeared on television she debuted late and also has not wrestled often.

    Tiffany - Rarely used.

    Tyler Reks - Rarely used.

    Vance Archer - Rarely used, push came too late.Legends / Recently Released


    Shawn Michaels

    Shelton Benjamin

    Mickie James


    Sgt Slaughter*



    Bret Hart


    Ricky Steamboat


    Dean Malenko

    [13 total]Divas

    Alicia Fox

    Brie Bella


    Gail Kim




    Nikki Bella


    Beth Phoenix

    Michelle McCool

    Kelly Kelly

    [12 total]


    Jerry Lawler*

    Michael Cole*

    Matt Striker

    Tony Chimel

    Paul Bearer*


    Vickie Guerrero

    Theodore Long

    Todd Grisham

    Justin Roberts*

    [ 10 total ]

    * = Confirmed

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    As with all SVR games i can safely say people that wernt around in may/june wont be in it with the exception of the Nexus as they will most likely represent the NXT roster

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    Whats so weird about that?

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