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Why does the liberal media treat democrats differently than republicans? why arent they objective anymore?

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    Thats a good question. I guess they have the same agenda into fooling the sheeple and have the same socialistic agenda

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    Pluto C. Rats quote of a "justgoodfolks" answer could not be further from the truth. Not when I can do a google search and literally find THOUSANDS of sites dedicated to exposing the undeniable liberal bias in the media. This is not rhetoric or a gimmick "made up by conservatives" as one of the two aforementioned misinformed, biased, idiots claimed.

    That is just one with hundreds of rather glaring examples of journalists and media reporting only the liberal side of the story and lacing it with inaccuracies, misquotes, and a prejudicial slant to the left.

    Furthermore, who did the research Pluto or justgoodfolks claims to have resulted in finding no bias in the media? Where are the sources? Where are the findings so that we can verify them?

    You guys cannot produce any of the answers to the last several questions because your answer is entirely opinion without ANY truth or information to back it with which ONCE AGAIN reinforces the fact that liberals are biased, the media is liberal biased, and most liberals are incapable of telling the truth.

    What? Is that an unfair statement for me to make? Show me your sources! What individuals conducted the research you based your opinion on? In what newspaper or magazine were the findings published? When was the research done? Was it done by a bipartisan group of individuals or was it an internal investigation performed by those employed in the liberal biased media?

    Furthermore, name ONE liberal politician that will admit what most clear thinking, logical, and intelligent human beings already know - that liberal politicians are irresponsibly spending away our future prosperity, mortgaging our future to fund their compulsive spending with reckless borrowing and wasteful, ineffective, legislation ineptly administered, and are lying not only to the American people about the content of bills, but to the reps and sens that vote on them? That speaks directly to the fact that not ONE honest lib pol can be found in Congress today!

    And the media gives them a free ride. While Obama campaigned, our media which other answerers claim is as pure as a lamb printed THOUSANDS of articles on Obama and less than 10% of those were critical of him. Conversely, articles on McCain were over 60% negative, mud slinging, slander and many of those were grossly inaccurate or blatantly false. How is that impartial journalism?

    The fact that there are liberal willing to suspend honesty and integrity for partisanship and lies merely demonstrates in these answers the bias the asker referred to. It is there and I know many fair minded liberals that openly admit it! Ignoring it in hopes that it will go away WILL NOT WORK!

    Try that with your lawn for a month or so and see how high the grass grows!

  • I dated a reporter, and all of her colleagues were Liberal. It seems to be a profession that attracts them. Similar to Artists who believe that government should pay for their work if the private sector does not.

    She saw the worst of the worst, so I understand why she felt that way, but she had no grasp of issues. Emotion reigned over reason in just about every issue which is why I no longer date her.

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    Hey do not be two hard on them they managed to talk about the Black panthers but did not show the video. They talked about Rangles tax problems but did not mention he was a democrat or wrote the tax code. They do mention Fanny and Freddy at times but even Fox fails to mention it was Bill Clinton that made it legal to package those sub prime mortgages and sell them as securities causing the whole economic mess we are in not the Bush tax cuts.

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    (justgoodfolk’s answer Jun10)

    The Liberal Media myth is a propaganda tool employed by conservative radio hosts, columnists and pundits as a convenient excuse why after 20 years their ideology has failed to convince the public at large, and as a mimetic inoculation of the public against the evidence that the media bias is in fact a conservative one.

    Not only does the liberal media claim have no basis in fact, it also does not make sense considering the issues of media ownership and influence of advertisers. Most media outlets are owned by a handful of conservative corporations and individuals, and funded by usually economically conservative advertisers who have no need for an educated, alert, independent and critical citizenry. What they need is a dumb, bored, cynical and apathetic public that has abandoned all critical faculties and is easily distracted by celebrity gossip and mindless sports games. A public that will believe anything it is told, or nothing at all, which amounts to the same end result. This pro-corporate conservative bias of the media is well-documented and shows itself in consistent under-reporting or ignoring of any information that would lead people to question the fundamental status quo

    “In the west, 10 or 20 years, there has been massive research documenting the fact that the media are extraordinarily subordinated to external power. Now, when you have that power, the best technique is to ignore all of that discussion, ignore it totally, and to eliminate it, by the simple device of asserting the opposite. If you assert the opposite, that eliminates mountains of evidence demonstrating that what you are saying is false. That's what power means. And the way we assert the opposite is by just saying that the media are liberal.”

    - Noan Chomsky

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    You answered your own Question , They are Liberal so they will slant it towards their side . The Media has not been Objective in 30 years or more !!

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    The way your question is phrased demonstrates the answer to your own question. You are biased. So is everyone else. Get over it. The media is run by people. People are and will always be biased. I say again... get over it!

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    Because Liberals tend to side with the democratic party, while the republican party tends to side with conservatives, the liberals worst enemy.

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    They haven't been objective since before Nixon was in office. This is nothing new.

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    Why don't the right-wing wackos ever have any facts to back up your loony "liberal media" fairy tales?

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