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請問可唔可以比The Show Lenka既歌詞解釋我?

請問可唔可以比 The Show Lenka既歌詞解釋我??

唔該曬 > u <

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  • 1 decade ago
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    *I'm just a little bit caught in the middle 我有點左右為難

    Life is a maze and love is a riddle 人生是個迷宮 愛情是個謎語

    I don't know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried 我無處可去 我無法自己面對 我試過了

    And I don't know why 我不知道為什麼*

    Slow it down 慢一點

    Make it stop 讓它停下來

    Or else my heart is going to pop 要不然我的心要蹦出來了

    'Cause it's too much 因為這真的太複雜了

    Yeah, it's a lot 是的 真的很複雜

    To be something I'm not 去做我做不到的事

    I'm a fool 我是個白癡

    Out of love 愛情裡的白癡

    'Cause I just can't get enough 因為愛情對我來說永遠不夠


    **I'm just a little girl lost in the moment 這一刻 我只是個迷失的小女孩

    I'm so scared but I don't show it 我怕死了 但我不讓它顯現出來

    I can't figure it out 我實在想不透

    It's bringing me down I know 這真的讓我垂頭喪氣

    I've got to let it go 我一定要放下這種感覺

    And just enjoy the show 只要好好當個看戲的觀眾**

    The sun is hot 太陽散發熱情的溫度

    In the sky 在藍天中

    Just like a giant spotlight 就像個巨大的鎂光燈

    The people follow the sign 人們跟著標示走

    And synchronize in time 這些同時發生了

    It's a joke 好好笑啊

    Nobody knows 沒人知道

    They've got a ticket to that show 他們已經獲得了看這場戲的票了

    Yeah 是的



    Just enjoy the show只要好好當個看戲的觀眾



    dum de dum (輕哼音x2)

    Just enjoy the show只要好好當個看戲的觀眾

    dum de dum (輕哼音x2)

    Just enjoy the show只要好好當個看戲的觀眾

    I want my money back 我要退錢(x3)

    Just enjoy the show 只要好好當個看戲的觀眾

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