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Anonymous asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 1 decade ago

Custom Edition



後面附註說是XXX University Custom Edition


因為網路書店訂購的時候常常找不到有附註是Custom Edition

所謂的Custom Edition到底是?



所以你是建議我選購Custom Edition還是一般的?

Custom Edition有可能增加普通版本沒有的內容嗎?

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    1 decade ago
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    Custom Edition is a edition of the bookl that is specialized for a particular school.

    In a simple way to understand, the book may skip chapters as the school decides not to cover it.

    The advantage to student is it is relatively cheaper as new book. But it loses the ability to re-sale when the school stops using this edition.

    Also, used books rarely are available for custom education.

    2010-07-30 00:55:32 補充:

    If I have the choice, regular (not custom) - I will have a better chance selling it off after using.

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