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Should I get a Senegal Bichir (Dinosaur Eel) or a Green Spotted Puffer for my college dorm?

My college allows us to keep fish, and I wanted a pet for my dorm room. I have enough money to buy all the supplies for both. I was wondering if a dinosaur eel or a green spotted puffer fish would be easier and more fun to keep in a college dorm? (less hassle, fewer water changes, fewer requirements and health problems)

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    Senegals are pure freshwater instead of brackish, and are fairly hardy. Is there a size limit on the aquarium? If so, you may be out of luck, both those species get some size to them. A 40 gallon breeder is the smallest I could recommend for either of them. The GSP gets 6" and is pretty round, bio-load similar to a gold fish. The Senegal is skinnier, but grow 10-12 inches long. It probably wouldn't get over 8" your first year, but still, that's a fair sized fish.

    I'm sort of partial to bichirs, note my avatar, but not if it means being kept in less than adequate tanks.

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    Because of how large dinosaur bichirs get and some certain special needs (long shallow tanks) I would go with a spotted puffer.

    Pygmy puffer varieties in most cases require little room in comparison to other small puffer species, and they're happiest alone. However, keep in mind, puffers need to be fed hard shelled animals regularly to keep their teeth from growing out of control. They are boisterous and have active personalities and are quite fun to watch. While Bichirs are also fascinating to watch, they an grow to be around 6 to 12 inches long which requires quite a large tank, many people say, 55 gallons minimum to give you a size idea. And more so, again, long shallow tanks are best for them. However be aware that green spotted puffers do best in 30 gallon tanks, sort of like bumble bee gobies, their need for clean water makes them high maintenance.

    Either way you go, both these fish are rather high maintenance and you may want to consider something that could live in a smaller tank, like a 10 gallon. I had a 10 gallon tank in my college dorm, and it fit well even in the compact space.

    If you choose one of these fish, please heavily do your research about cycling tanks and taking care of the specific animal and how to introduce them to a new environment before you buy the animal.

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    While bichir is probably a hardier and easier care fish, it's also much bigger. Needs at least a 4ft tank for an adult. So you need to consider tank size, and also moving the tank and fish at the end of the year etc. A puffer will only reach 6"max, compared to 20" for a bichir, and can live in a 30 gal for life.

    Check the rules, as the dorm probably has a a tank size limit to stop people setting up Koi ponds in their rooms.

    A Figure 8 puffer is another option, slightly smaller and can live in a 15gal tank.


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    they at the instant are not particular. I certainly have 3. Mine consume each and every thing, yet additionally to beef heart, i could attempt small pices of slightly cooked shrimp. Mine like shrimp products lots. maximum fish do.

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