Tell me your best everclear story!?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Everclear isn't as dangerous and strong as people claim it is. Yes it's STILL dangerous, and potent, but it's not some magical, evil drink. It takes about 8 shots of Jack Daniels to get me drunk, but only 4 of Everclear to get the same level of drunkness. So those "Only one shot of everclear and he almost died!" stories are fairy tales.

    That being said, I use Everclear to get drunk the fastest on the worst day.

    In a party, however, I use Everclear more for fire-shows and fire-breathing. The clean flame with blue tips is a great show for everyone and is sometimes better than what I use professionally. If you leave it in your mouth for more than a minute, it'll eventually "sanitize" your mouth and feel numb with tingles.

    One time I finished a Fire-show and quickly went on a date afterwards without time to rinse out my mouth. We ended up kissing 3 hours after the date began but my mouth was STILL numb, I barely felt her lips or tongue in my mouth and said something like "You have a really clean mouth! I like the cherry taste too!"

    Cherry chapstick for the win.

  • 4 years ago

    There are two types of everclear - one at something like 70-something-% alcohol by volume, the other in the 90s. Both will get you wasted pretty quickly, and it will not be pleasant going down unless you are already wasted. I once took sips of the 90%+ alcohol everclear that maraschino cherries had been soaking in for a year or so, and it tasted like cherry water, BUT at that point in the evening I was completely wasted - lime-flavored rum tasted like lime water. I was probably 15+ drinks in at that point. The remainder of that night and the next day were awful. But if you were to just start with the everclear and do 2-3 shots, you'll get your buzz/drunk on and will be OK if you stop at that point. But once you're buzzing, it's hard to stop, so..... well, exercise caution!

  • Tobias
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    9 years ago

    I was up north years ago,Portland Oregon, @ a after hours party,some young break-out abstract artist painter friend of a friend's son or some ****,the ****** was talented but was either wasted on pills or a heroin addict.We ended pilling in this van about over 24 hours ago down in Humboldt Ca and somehow we needed glass art supplies and candle making gear from a place that are buddy had the address but it was up north.Long story short,we stoped at a lady-friends to shower, I walked outside to have a beer,get some fresh air,I started wondering up the block,it was quiet but not far off in the direction I was walking,I could hear a muffled sound that closer then it seemed, and very close like in a basment, good music, a person coming out of a house had said plane as day,"the guys are practising,lets go over and say hey,have a listen. then all of a sudden these two doors swing open and out walks the nembers of the not yet famouse rock

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hmm... at this party, someone managed to make this guy take Viagra that's been mushed up and mixed with food... and then someone else tricked him into drinking Everclear... I'll just leave it at that.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I dont even Like being in the same room as everclear

  • 9 years ago

    One time me and my friend drank everclear and it led to us each making out with the same two guys in an abandoned house in the middle of our 2 boyfriend's best friend's woods. Then when they wanted to have sex with us, we tricked them into thinking we were lesbians by making out!!! When we looked up, every boy at the party had their camera phones pointed at us!!!

    Source(s): Story of my life :)
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    I don't remember it.

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    get your ***** *** up and answer the door

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