What are some GOOD High Schools in or near Elk Grove, CA?

I need a good high school, but I don't know any. Please HELP!

I need a high school with minimal bully problems, minimal fights, maximum STAR and SAT scores. It would be great if that kind of high school also had many AP (Advanced Placements) classes and Advanced Programs that would help me get into one of the best colleges. And if it also would have a focus on math (I am a math person) and have math olympiads or other stuff like that . Also Art classes and COMPUTER classes (programming, java), Clubs, Chess Club, big library, and Olympiads. And also a college near by because I will have to take my math class for 12th grade at a college.

Thanks in Advance!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most of the high schools in Elk Grove are pretty good. A lot of electives like the art classes were cut from the budget. All Elk Grove high school libraries except for one (Cosumnes Oaks) are now closed because of the budget. Your math class should be okay because there is a community college nearby that the schools often work through.

    I would recommend either Elk Grove High School or Cosumnes Oaks High School. I've been to Elk Grove High School and I know it doesn't have too much of a problem with bullying or fights. Its test scores are also very good and it is the oldest high school so it has some prestige going for it if you care anything about that. It was also recently named a California Distinguished School. Cosumnes Oaks is the newest high school in Elk Grove so it is fairly good just because of that. It also has a library. I have also heard some good things about Pleasant Grove High School.

    Most of the Elk Grove high schools are very good. I would just suggest that you avoid going outside of the Elk Grove Unified School District.

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