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What should I do when my 11 month old son comes home from daycare at 4 pm exausted, asking...?

...for a nap?

He naps at daycare from about 11:30- 1:20/30. When I let him nap at home he dosen't sleep well at night. He gets really cranky and dosen't want to eat much for dinner.We try to wait until 7pm to put him in his crib, but it's really hard to push off sleep when he's so tired.

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    With our two boys I remember that every time you thought you had a good day routine they changed it! maybe your 11 month old can be put to bed a little bit later at the day care center, so he won't be as fussy when you pick him up at 4. If this is not possible, try to let him sleep for about an hour when you come home and put him to bed a little later that night. Maybe that suits him better! At what time does he sleep during the day when he is at home? I always tried to have the same routine at home as in day care (they both went 3 days a week). Good luck. And ehhh... most babies get cranky in the afternoon or around dinner time! It's frustrating but normal :-)

    I will add a link to a pediatrics book that I found (and still find) very useful and reassuring.

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    My son is 17mos and he still takes 2 naps a day...... Hes always been a good sleeper he sleeps from 11am to 130 2 ish then he takes another nap areond 330 4 and sleeps til around 430 5 and goes to bed at 730. Id say let him sleep if hes that tired but if hes not sleeping well at night then cut his afternoon naps in half and wake him up. then maybe put bed time off til around 730 8. I know 8pm is kind of late for him but it might work out well for you. Hope this has helped! Good luck!

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    Most 11month old babies need two naps a day. Is ther any way the day care can put him down a little earlier so he will nap before lunch, and then again aout 2:00 so he won't be so tired when you pick him up but still go to bed on time. Most infant classrooms are geared toward the individual baby and not the group. If they put ALL the babies down and/or wake them up at the same time they are NOT meeting the children's individual needs.

    Source(s): Family Childcare Provider Former Infant Room Teacher
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    I would let him take a nap and shoot for a later bedtime like 8:30pm. That is still early, but late enough for him to take a 30-45 minute nap in the late afternoon.

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    An 11 month old probably still needs two naps a day.........probably one at 10:00 and one at 2:00...........ask daycare to accomadate. If they can't for some reason 6:30 is not too early for bed.

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    Check with the day care they might not be letting him take a nap

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    check on the daycare day plans and if all seems normal there then take him to doc to make sure all is ok hope this helps kids his age should not be that sleepy

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