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Which Sweet Chin Music looked like it hurt the worst?

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I watched both of these matches when they both happened

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    The Sweet Chin Music to Triple H was really cool because it was unexpected, but the one to Shelton Benjamin is one of my favorites of all time because all of the air time Shelton got. It really added to the impact and probably made it hurt that much more.

    EDIT - Prince of Phenomenal: Haha, I love the look on John's face. xD

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    Definitely Shelton Benjamin!

  • Shawn Micheals somehow miss the "SCM" by millimeters , because when Flair and Micheals had the "retirement" match for Ric.. He received four "Sweet Chin Music" finishers, and Flair just walked away from the match , like as if the finisher never happened ....

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    The 2nd one to Shelton ... Brutal .

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    Which ever 1 gets the best answer

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    i like the second one

  • shelton benjamin

    shelton's head almost toked off this is my favorite one

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