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I accidentally yelled at my dog, and now I feel bad :(?

My dogs were biting each other and biting my feet (they are teething), and this has been going on for a long time, and then they would start fighting each other, and I lost my temper, and I yelled "Millie! Sam! Stop that right now!!" and now I feel bad because I said that really loud, and kinda meanly. I just don't want them to be afraid of me, and I don't want them to hurt anyone either. I feel bad..Is there any way that I can make it up to them? Any suggestions?


I'm not obsessed with dogs. I care about them.

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    They aren't going to be afraid of you or hate you

    You DISCIPLINED them.. its ok

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    Well for 1, You did not do it on accident then lol, 2, You did the right thing as long as you did not use physical force, 3 If you have kids and they were punching each other would you yell. Yes u probably would, 4 If you don't yell at your dogs 24/7 and only when they are doing bad things then over a short time they will learn that what they were doing when you yelled was wrong, and they will still love you as long as you still give them love and taking them out for walks and pet them.

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    Sometimes you need to do just that for dogs to get the message. They know you mean business. I've done that some with all of my dogs. It's not going to hurt them any so long as it doesn't happen often.

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    I think you should cuddle with them lovingly. The other day, my dog was fighting with this other dog too and I tried to stop it but ended up getting bitten. It was a bit hectic, the fight. Dogs are all trying to dominate one another... Alright that was irrelevant, sorry. They're not human, so you can't really "make up" to them with gifts or apologies. Embrace them with love and care :)

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    i would cuddle with them and give them treats talk softly to them and tell them its ok and pet them. my dog loves her ears rubbed try that? oh a chew toy would be nice but make sure u get two one for each dog lol. i dont think they will be afraid but just in case talk softly and drop on your knees to pet them and hug them an let them jump on you when you get home to show them you care. also they might just think your acting dominant about it so maybe not wise to panic but figure out how to make it up to them in there own way and personality's give them what it seems like by there attitude and behavior are telling you they want.

    Good Luck! --

    -- Kaycee

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    Oh come on!! You have got to be kidding. This is the most idiotic question, ever. You HAVE to discipline your dogs sometime, I mean they wont learn until you say "no". You have to be strict. And don't praise them after they have done something bad, that's not how you teach a dog. That's probably why, they are biting you all the time, is 'cause you didn't train them correctly. My god.

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    Dont worry about it! Have you never heard of why the dog is Mans best friend? Its because if you do somthing bad to them, 5 minutes later they'll love you to bits! Dont worry about it!

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    They are not gonna be afraid of you. It's human nature, you were frustrated so you shouted, don't be too hard on your self. I yell at my dog all of the time when she does things to make me mad and she still loves me and is NOT afraid of me.

    PS: I AM obsessed with dogs and there is nothing wrong with it!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Rock on dog ppl!

    Hope I could help!


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    its ok to yell they learn over time, i yell at my dog but he's not afraid of me but sometimes i dance in front of him to make him afraid because he's not really sure what dancing is still but i have yelled at him a lot since he isn't potty trained yet and your suppose to put his face in it and spank him, that's what the lady that breeded him from said so i take her advice very good since she has many many dogs and they all are nice except i seen who his dad was and his dad wasn't very trained and would go into the bathroom and look at me when i was over her house !

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    They should be fine just let them know your there and you don't like it, if they do it again don't yell at the top of your lungs, say it in strong firm voice and tap them on the nose.

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    They don't hold grudges - don't worry!! I've yelled at my dog before and felt guilty. Soon enough he came up to me to curl up next to me.

    It's water under the bridge for dogs. =)

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