How the hell is Leonardo Dicaprio shallow?

According to a friend of mine, Leonardo Dicaprio is a shallow and stuck up pretty boy, because he only dates models, has a lot of money, and apparently doesnt care about the "little people." I cant help but wonder what the hell is my friend talking about. I don't personally know the guy, but I know someone who did. He befriends a 5 year old boy dying of cancer, he's an environmentalist, he's had relationships with 24 orphaned children, and he donated a million dollars to Haiti after the earthquake. Seems like he cares about people a lot. As for the models, well, I say he can date who he wants. There's nothing wrong with being a model. It's not like they're prostitutes or strippers. That, I can understand.

What do you think about Leonardo Dicaprio?


Desiree, I tried looking for Dicaprio saying a comment like that. I found nothing.

Jonathan, good publicity or not, he helps people. No one's making him do it.

Update 2:

and besides, he doesn't really publicize his generosity; it is for the most part anonymous.

Update 3:

Holly Sinclair, I don't think he's shallow. A friend thought he was, though my friend didnt know what the hell she was talking about.

Update 4:

gail M, I posted the question twice, because I wasn't getting too many answers. Your answer is on the question "Is Leonardo Dicaprio shallow?" I did borrow your words, because I thought there were good. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm stealing from you. I just thought what you said was good

Update 5:

Jonathan, I knew the family of the five year old with cancer. I don't think it was ever made public, but I've seen pictures of him and the boy. So, since he didnt even publicly state it, I'd say that he actually cared.

And frankly, some might disagree, but I try to be more optimistic. I try to think the best about people. I don't like to assume that someone is a big ******,

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  • Drexl
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    Everybody is shallow and would date models if they had the choice (assuming the model also has a nice personality). That's just nature, we were designed to be attracted to physical appearance first and foremost, and personality second. While that may not seem like a Disney type of thing to say, it's just reality, or else women and men would look exactly the same. Physical attraction is what causes a man in the jungle to approach a woman and want to kiss her, even if neither speaks the same language. Personality is what makes them mesh well and get along and stay together, and helps boost the physical attraction somewhat. That's just how we were designed, by whoever or whatever.

    Anybody who googles "Leonardo Dicaprio causes" will see that he's done a lot.

    People need to stop trying to point their fingers at the ones like him and Angelina Jolie who are actually doing good things, when there's thousands of rich celebs who do nothing at all.

  • Gail M
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    He isn't - he's one of the most generous people in the industry, and his generosity is for the most part anonymous, unlike others who barely get the check written before their publicist is on the phone. And what happened to my earlier response? Did you delete it, and then borrow my words?

  • Anonymous
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    He seems like a nice guy but I'm in no position to judge him since I don't know him. As for dating models, well, duh. Wouldn't most guys?

    I really doubt he'd make a statement like that. Even if that's how he felt, he's smart enough not to say it. We aren't talking about Mel Gibson.

  • 1 decade ago

    I never knew he was shallow, just him. But no, i don't think he's shallow at all.

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  • 1 decade ago

    as for all that good environmental stuff and whatnot, it's just for good publicity.

    his motive is important, asker. it is very likely not out of the goodness of his heart that motivated him to do this. in his mind, he knows that in doing this he gets publicity, in turn making more money. that's all it is. he is a terrific actor, i'll give him that. i think it is naive however to believe that he legitimately cares for what he is doing.

  • 1 decade ago

    in an interveiw he said that he would never kiss a mexican girl or an asian girl.

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