How do I make my ethernet port / ISP number work correctly?

The other day my verizon dsl stopped working. Tech support went through all of these test and determined it was coming through the line ok but somewhere between the westell box and my computer was the problem. He then said my isp number was wrong and that was the problem. He had me enter some things which resulted in my isp number going to a bunch of zeros. When he was done the light on the box for ethernet went out and he told me the problem was my ethernet cord.

He told me that a new cord would fix the problem. The cord and dsl work fine on my other computer. How can I fix the ethernet port and my internet?

Local Area connection says: A network cable is unplugged.

The computer is a dell dimension e310 with windows xp.

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    1 decade ago
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    If it isn't the cord it could be the network adapter in your computer. Try buying a network card.

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