What can i do my wife is staying out all hours of the night and do not call and check on me o the kids?

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my wife has ben spending excessive time at night out in the streets nd she comes home sometimes at 2am or 4:00am and climbs in bed after she has been gone 8 to 10 hours. she does not ...show more
Update : Thanks fro all of your support and advice but we have tried counseling, ...show more
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  • Gia answered 4 years ago
she is neglecting you and her family. Once in a while I will have a girls night and he will a guys night out but we always call. We know our friend's numbers and chances are that we some drinks and wanted to stay up late talking. We just don't want to risk drinking and driving. there have times when my husband comes home and my girlfriends are just getting up and making breakfast. We always call our families. Those times are not often but he just doesn't mind. My husband was out of town playing cards with his brother and friends, but he hasn't seen his brother for a while and he lives out of state late tonight I am catching up and flying home with him. If your wife is out all hours and neglecting things at home she needs to grow up and you need an attorney. A planned night out is one thing but to neglect your home life is another.
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  • Jessy answered 4 years ago
    She's having an affair--it's pretty obvious.

    Have some self respect and leave. Move On.
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  • Wendy answered 4 years ago
    Your wife is having an affair. Find your balls and kick her azz out and get a divorce.
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  • Need Answers answered 4 years ago
    trust your gut my friend. whether she is having an affair or not, this is not right and you have every reason to be upset. i dont see this going well
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  • That[[drummer]]Girl answered 4 years ago
    Gather your dignity and divorce her. Get custody of your children and find a woman that is capable and ready to be a mother and a wife. Get evidence now that you may need in court, such as her coming in at odd hours of the morning, her screaming at you, etc...
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  • mammy51355 answered 4 years ago
    It seems to me that,you and your wife need to make time to sit down and talk about your marriage and what you want to do about it,save it or end it.If your going to try and work this out,it would be for the best,to get some marriage counseling,to help work out the issues your having.At this time however,it seems to me,your wife is neglecting her job as a mother,and is out to have a good time, not caring what affect it is having on her marriage or her family.You must do some serious thinking about what your feeling about your relationship with your wife,and if you want to continue your life together,and then think about the children,and what's best for them.Should you decide to divorce,you need to make it as easy on the kids as you possibly can,and if you feel they need it,get them some counseling.There is a lot of things to think about,and it may be that you will need put some space between you and your wife,to be able to decide what you two are going do,with out having arguements and outbursts of anger in front of your kids.Do whatever you need to do,my friend,and you and your family will be in our prayers.
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  • King H answered 4 years ago
    um, yeah, she may not be cheating on you yet, but she will be. You're not saying that this is girls night out so you can always follow her and see who she's meeting up with. At the very least have one of your friends PI her.

    Crazy women do it all the time so it's not big deal. Or you can just leave her before she leaves you since that's where this is looking like where it's going (especially since you're not calling her on the carpet about it).
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  • nighthawk answered 4 years ago
    You have a serious problem here. Very serious. If this was just a once every now and then thing I would say she is just wanting a girls night out occasionally. It sounds like this goes way beyond that though and you had better find out what is going on fast. If you can afford it hire a detective to follow her and document what he finds out. If you can't afford a detective then follow her yourself after you make arrangements for one of your friends to show up at your house to watch the kids after you leave. Be very cautious though as she could easily be involved in something illegal so just keep an eye out on where she goes and who you see her with. Take pictures of everything you can without getting caught. After you have enough evidence as to what her nighttime activities are then take it to a lawyer. Keep your original pictures and evidence in a safe place though and only use copies to show the lawyer, or to confront her with. She is bad news most likely and her threats of getting a restraining order are just a bluff unless you have had a documented history of abusing her yourself. This will only get worse if allowed to continue, but be very careful in how you bring it to a head.
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