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what is this plant that gets rid of THC from your system?

so im in jamaica, and when i get home my mom's gunna drug test me..

but i smoked ganja anyway while i was here and my jamaican friend said there's this plant that you boil sort of like a tea and drink it.

he gave me a name for it, but i dont know how to spell it or what it really is, it's pronounced (seer-see) i think or something like that....and idea what it may be? he showed it to me and we're gunna boil it up, it's just like this green plant that almost looks like a weed

any ideas guys?


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  • 10 years ago
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    thc only lasts in your system for 2 to 3 days if ur in Jamaican i doubt it will still be in ur blood when u get home if u stop smoking.... i don't think there is a plant that can reely do that.... if ur desprate u can get a friend thats not on drugs and get them to pee in a bottle for u then wen u take the drug test u can use ur friends pee instead of is jamacian weed?

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