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WCw World war 3 rate event and give results.?

1.kwe-wee vs. Goldust

2.Roadwarriors vs Outsiders

3.Ultimo Dragon vs.Eddie Guerrero.

4.Magnum TA vs.Kevin Sullivan

5.Vampiro vs Ravens Flock 3 0n 1 handicaped match

6.Eddie Guerrero

7.Hbk,Sting and Hitman vs.Y2J,Rick Rude and curt Hennig

8.The Faces of Fear vs.Jake roberts and mankind

9.Shane douglas vs Rick Flair

10 2 ring 60 man over the tope rope Battle Royal

ring 1 on roster.


2.Curt hennig

3.Sick Boy



6.the giant

7.Ric Flair


9.Jerry Lynn



12.curt Hennig

13.rick Steiner

14.Scott Steiner.


16-30 unsigned

16.Villano 4

17.Villiano 5

18.Bobby Blayze

19.Alex Wright

20.Dean Malenko

21.Greg Valentine


23.Greg valentine



26.La parka

27.El dandy

28.Abdullah the butcher

29.Brian Knobs.

30.Jerry Saggs

Ring 2.

31-45 signed

31.Double A

32.Tully Blanchard

33.Scott Hall

34.Ultimo Dragon

35.Kevin Nash

36.Jake roberts.




40.Shane Douglas

41.Curt Hennig

42.Ric Rude


44.Brian Pillman

45.Scottie Riggs.

46- 55 unsigned

46.Mike Hayes

47.Koko B Ware


49.Brian Christopher


51.British Bulldog

52.Steve mcmicheal


54.Jamie Knoble

Rest of Signed

55.Chuck Palumbo

56.steven regal

57.Dave Taylor

58.Jake Roberts

59.Bam Bam


The winner of this faces Goldberg or Hogan at Starcade.

World Title match

Hogan vs Goldberg.

Guaranteed eleminators

Ring 1.


the giant




Jake Roberts

the Outsiders.


Sorry Chuck is unsigned.

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    Goldust after the Shattered Dreams

    Road Warriors after hitting the Jacknife Powerbomb on Kevin Nash

    Kevin Sullivan after the Murder of Rival

    Eddie Guerrero after a fast matche nding in the Frogsplash

    Vampiro by DQ after Raven hits him with a chair (I'd give more detail but there were more than 3 members in Raven's Flock including: Steven Richards, Hammer, Horace, and Billy Kidman)

    Team Michaels after Bret Hart locks in the Sharpshooter on Rude

    Jake Roberts and Mankind after Robert's DDT on Sullivan

    Shane Douglas after the Franchiser

    ELIMINATION ORDER (all wrestlers move to center after 20 eliminations)

    #21 and 23 are both Greg Valentine, I replaced one with Johnny

    2,12, and 41 are Curt Henning; replaced one with Chris Benoit, and one with nWo Sting

    36 and 58 are Jake Roberts, one replaced by Booker T

    Lizmark by Steve McMichael

    Sick Boy by Abdullah the Butcher

    El Dandy by The Nasty Boys

    nWo Sting by Tajiri, Koko B-Ware, Jake Roberts, and Arn Anderson

    Koko B.Ware by Tajiri

    Bobby Blayze by Villano IV and Villano V

    Rick Steiner by Scott Steiner

    Psicosis by La Parka

    Scottie Riggs by Chuck Palumbo

    Steve McMichael by Bam Bam Bigelow

    Rick Rude by Brian Christopher

    Alex Wright by Vader

    Lodi by Greg Valentine

    Johhny Valentine by Greg Valentine

    Meng by Shane Douglas

    Steven Regal by Brian Pillman

    Wrath by Dean Malenko

    Tully Blanchard by Kevin Nash

    Jerry Sags by Abdullah The Butcher

    Brian Knobbs by Abdullah The Butcher


    Michael Hayes by Rikishi

    Villano IV by The Giant

    Ultimo Dragon by The Giant

    Dave Taylor by Kanyon

    Greg Valentine by Bret Hart

    Vilano V by Mankind

    Jamie Knoble by Bam Bam Bigelow

    Arn Anderson by Sting

    Vampiro by Raven

    Tajiri by Scott Hall

    Jake Roberts by The Outsiders

    Mr. Perfect by Dean Malenko

    Shane Douglas by Ric Flair and Kanyon

    Ric Flair by Kanyon

    Billy Kidman by The British Bulldog

    Kanyon by Shawn Michaels, Booker T, and The Giant (nWo)

    Dean Malenko by Booker T

    Brian Pillman by The Giant

    Brian Christopher by Shawn Michaels

    Jerry Lynn by Sting

    Rikishi by Abdullah The Butcher

    Bam Bam Bigelow by Abdullah The Butcher

    Abdullah The Butcher by nWo, The Outsiders, Chris Benoit, and Raven

    The British Bulldog by La Parka

    Chuck Palumbo by Mankind

    Raven by Vampiro (runs back in and eliminates him before beating him with a steel chair outside the ring)

    Kevin Nash by Shawn Michaels

    Konnan by Chris Benoit

    La Parka by Sting and Chris Jericho

    Scott Steiner by Bret Hart

    10 LEFT

    Scott Hall by Vader

    Booker T by Shawn Michaels

    Chris Benoit by Mankind

    Vader by Sting

    Mankind by The Giant

    Chris Jericho by The Giant and Sting


    The Giant by Sting

    Shawn Michaels by Bret Hart (scheduled to win, Montreal Screwjob Revenge)


    Sting by Bret Hart

    Bret Hart wins World War III

    Goldberg after the Spear

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