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does petsmart sell good mice?

does petsmart sell ok mice? i wanted to buy one

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    The PetSmart by me here in Ohio only sells fancy mice. They do not sell feeders. One of the best mice I ever had came from them.

    You will hear a lot of negative responses about getting animals from pet stores, but do what you want. You are giving an animal a loving home, and that is what matters. The four girls I have now are all from PetSmart. They are rescue mice though. Three were adopted due to age. One had a health issue. I love them all.

    Enjoy your new mouse. Best of luck finding the perfect one for you.

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    Every petsmart is different. You just need to go to the store and see for yourself. If the mice all look clean and energetic, there's no sign of illness, and their cage is clean- then they should be ok. I don't recommend getting pets from pet stores though. The pets there usually come from breeders that breed for money and not for a good pet (health, longevity, friendlyness). They quite often inbreed and don't socialize the pups so that they're use to be handled.

    You should look around first and search the internet for a good mouse breeder in your area. A good mouse breeder is someone that breeds for a good pet. They don't inbreed and they don't sell their mice as feeders. You'll probably have to fill out an application for these mice. If you have no luck, then I would use the pet store as a last resort.

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    Don't go to Petsmart or Petco. They go against the rules of the store by selling their mice as feeder mice. They should only sell them as fancy mice. It's terrible. They can't even tell if the mice are female or male.

    Go to a local breeder where they know their stuff.

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    Bay, PetSmart doesn't sell live feeders. PetCo does, however.

    I woulden't buy mice from a pet store, period. They're more prone to Mycoplasmosis. Breeders are better.


    1: PetSmart does not breed their own animals.

    2: Most PetSmart stores only sell one gender.

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  • Sandra
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    I know Petsmart sells pinky feeder mice. No idea about petco.

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    I have a male mouse from PetSmart and he is fantastic. I think it all depends on the mouse, though. My sister also has a mouse from PetSmart who has a completely different personality than mine. Like someone said, check it out for yourself! If the mice look healthy, I'd go for it. As long as you keep their cage clean and treat them right, they should return the favor.

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    No. If anything, go to Elliots. And even then i would never get rodent from a pet store.. Find a breeder. Mice can be really mean. It is better if they have been socialized by a breeder.

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    to be honest they probably don't because from what I've heard and seen about pet smart they aren't very good with their animals, they are bred badly and will more than likely die young or be pregnant when you get them. Try to find a good breeder close to you, this way the mice are handled from birth!

    Good luck and have fun with your little mice!

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    I am not trying to be rude, but I would og to a petco if u had one. Bcuz the petmsart and petco were I live are totally diffrent. Petsmart feeds pellets and water. Petco has 2 diffrent veggies hay pellets and water!! Petco has those kabobs and petsmart has wood blocks on the floor. I would go to Petco. But that was with guinea pigs!!

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