can someone give me any tips to get a full twist?

i am in acrobats and i have a half twist and i am so determined to get a full twist but i just cant seem to get it. i cant get any farther than 3 quarters. any suggestions??

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are starting your jump with your arms and hands close to your body, that may be a good way to help you stay in balance as you jump. But, it robs you of the chance to use your arms and hands as a source of extra momentum to help you spin. If you watch ice skaters when they do their spins they often start their spins with their arms and hands fully extended. Then, they will bring their arms and hands close to their bodies, and what happens? They spin faster. The same thing will happen for you. If you start your jump with your arms and hands stretched out from your body, then as you twist and jump pull your arms and hands close to your chest, it should help you spin more.

    Source(s): It's simple physics.
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    Hey sweetie. First of all, good luck; the determination to ask is a terrific first step. However, I'm in here because I'm an Editor, for whom sports is like Triple Yahtzee, y'know!?! ;-)

    I'm pretty sure you'd have better luck getting a real answer in the Sports-Other forum:;_ylt=AnNbdogjmD...

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