Just got my degree in medical assisting and have no idea how to go about finding a job. Any advice?

I just recently got my degree as a Medical Assistant. I just got certified and I'm also planning on getting certified in phlebotomy. Unfortunately, my college doesn't offer any job placement or career assistance programs, so I'm pretty much on my own finding a job. I'm still young (23) and I've never had a real professional job before, so I don't know how to go about looking for one. I've only ever worked in food service or retail where you just walk in, ask if they are hiring, fill out an application and wait for them to call you. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get started in my career?

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    well done on getting your degree. Finding a professional jib is a lot like finding the other jobs, except well it is more professional.

    I would start by getting together a resume, there are some excellent resume guides online to help you get started. Make sure you know all the dates, names and addresses of your past employers. Also get together your educational information. And lastly make sure you consider all your life experiences, volunteering and other strengths you want to make sure to have on your resume.

    When you apply for specific jobs you will want to tailor your resume to that job, making sure you show in your resume you have the skills and experience to do the job your applying for. You will need a good general resume when you go in to introduce yourself to possible employers as well.

    Check the News Miner and the Alaska state job site for jobs that interest you; the Alaska site also lets you create a profile. Take some time and effort to do that becuase that profile will be a representation of you that employers see and judge you by.



    Identify places in town you would like to work. (You do not mention of you want to stay in Fairbanks, if not you would do the same thing for the community you want to move to, and instead of going in person would contact them online) You might think about Tanana Valley Clinic and First Care, Eye Ear and Throat Clinic, SportsMedicine, and other local medical providers. Also Fairbanks Memorial is a big employer, and they also have Lab services.

    Dress as if you already worked there when you go to introduce yourself. You want them to know you can dress and behave in a way that is appropriate for that environment. Have your resume and a cover letter introducing yourself printed neatly and ready to give them. Go in and introduce yourself, ask about who you might speak with regarding possible employment. Do Not be discouraged of they are not overly excited or optimistic. It is your job to be politely persistent, showing them you are ready and able to work.

    Keep notes on the places you go and people you speak with. That way if you need to contact them again, or they contact you some time later you have your noes to refresh your memory and you will not make any embarrassing mistakes. (like call someone by the wrong name, or forget an important detail of the conversation)

    If they are interested in you they will call you for an interview. And this is your chance to both present yourself to them, so make a good impression, and for you to ask questions about the company and the job details. Show an interest and learn as much as you can about the company/job, this lets them know you have given the situation some thought, want to know more, and it is considered a good attitude to be interested in learning.

    You can read a lot at the websites below. But ultimately you need to get out and pound the pavement. The biggest thing is to never let yourself get discouraged. Jobs are not always easy to come by, you can not take it personally, just keep working at it.

    Good Luck








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    Even in Alaska, most physician's offices are ran by practice management companies and these are ofen affiliated with hospital systems. Check the hospital's human resources website and see what they have open. They will often have an option for "physician practice" or "clinic" when you choose your options such as "patient care", "administrative", "ancillary", etc. That, along with the job ads in the local paper should get your started.

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    First, congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself.

    I would look at local hospital websites and do a job search for the job you're looking for. Also, you could consider going to job sites like monster.com and do job searches. Good luck!!

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