From this list what are good road games? Long car ride ahead of me?

My list of games I have and may take are


Broken Sword 1-4 (havent beaten 3 and 4)

Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers

Gabriel Knight 3

The Dig

Still Life

Full Throttle

Gabriel Knight The Beast Within

Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb

Sam and Max Hit the Road

Escape from Monkey Island

Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine

Monkey Island Madness (1 and 2 obviously)

STar Trek a Final Unity

Star Trek Judgement Rights

Grim Fandango

Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis

The Last Express

Star Wars Jedi Knight

A Vampyre Story


PS games:

Final Fantasy 1-9

These are the games that I own that I am considering taking, not all the games I own.

edit: Beneath a Silver Sky (Around here some where...)

I'd like to take Simon the Sorcerer but I can't find my copy

I would take TOMI too but I never ordered my hard copy. I do have the Sam n Max TTG 1/2 but I don't feel like taking those with me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Final Fantasy 7, considered one of the greatest rpgs of all time, as well has providing ages of playing time

  • 9 years ago

    Escape from Monkey Island

    Final fantasy 7

  • 9 years ago

    ....just bring a good quality Vibrator... (plenty of batteries) ...the rest will take care of itself... next thing you know... you'll be there ! (with a BIG smile !)

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