Is it a good idea to try to set up a cleaning business?

I am thinking of setting up a cleaning business offering:

domestic an commercial cleaning

Build clean services, end of tenancy cleans

Contract cleaning

regular and one off's

Does anyone have any advice or can anyone let me know a set up process that has worked for them?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Is there anywhere I need to register? How do i find out if the name i want is already taken?

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    Depends where you are, what the competition is like, what the demand is like. Also consider an alternative such as which may help with cash flow over time.

    Setting up most businesses can be risky, and all involve hard work, blood sweat and tears and salemanship of some type- why? because just because you set up a business does not mean that people will beat a path to your door. You will have to market your services to the right audience.

    If you can hack that, go for it, after you find there is a demand for it.

    Additional - no need to register anything unless you want to set up a limited company - then company registration will be needed- you can check with companies houe if a name is already being used. If self employed, you will have to tell the tax man, HMRC and complete a tax return.

  • 4 years ago

    the main suitable routes to take are to analyze the approach of beginning a corporation besides because of the fact the industry you're attracted to. i desire to propose finding out the SBA, Entrepreneur, the initiate up mag & Nolo. All 4 are large informational factors for the recent/small corporation proprietor. I published hyperlinks for you in the source container. institutions could be a sturdy street to locate. those companies will handle most of the techniques, questions and concerns you will inevitably have besides as many you have not expected yet. See the source container for some correct hyperlinks. analyze, analyze, analyze – this could't be under pressure adequate. study as much as you are able to correct to the industry. listed under are some e book titles that are correct: * cleansing Up for a residing: each and every thing you may nicely known to grow to be a valuable construction provider Contractor via Don A. Aslett, Mark L. Browning * leap Into Janitorial: the thank you to construct A cleansing corporation Netting Over Six Figures A 12 months via Ron Piscatelli * Commerical & Residential cleansing amenities: A source instruction manual To coming up And keeping your man or woman Janitorial Or domicile cleansing corporation via Walter Fenix there are a great variety of loose informational factors obtainable. verify the source container for hyperlinks to articles. desire that helps! I want you plenty fulfillment & happiness in all your ventures!

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    1 decade ago

    yes canvas local area for this i did and got a few local areas then it sporead by word of mouth

  • 1 decade ago

    If your place there is little competition you can start it

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