Are we supposed to buy Sheamus as a dominant monster heel?

With the name 'The Celtic Warrior' he ran away from Nexus faster than Tyson Gay and his finisher is what? Pump Kick? Even Sweet Chin Music looks more devastating than that! And thanks to The Undead Titan for this list, Sheamus' also has an impressive series of title defending (sarcasm):

Won the WWE Title because John Cena fell into the table.

Kept the title because he DQ'ed himself.

Kept the title because he defeated Orton by DQ.

Then he lost it at E-Chamber.

Won the WWE Title back at F4W because of the Nexus.

Kept the title on RAW because of Nexus.

Kept the title at Money in the Bank because of Nexus.

This is WWE's way of building a dominant monster heel?

See, I'll compare him with some other successful monster heels from the 1990's and see how he differs from them. One thing, though, they actually had devastating finishers and they didn't need 7 men to help them win every time because they could do it all by themselves:

1. Diesel (Kevin Nash) = Call him Big Daddy Cool or Kevin Nash, his stint in WWE as Diesel has been one of the biggest push ever; in less than one year, he won the Intercontinental belt, the Tag Team championship and the WWF World Title. He was certainly the most dominating wrestler and also one of the biggest names during The New Generation Era of Wrestling (1994-1996). He had more than an impressive size at 6'11" with 320 pounds of muscle; he also had a huge charisma, cut great promos and was so over with the fans. Over the course of being a WWE champion for more than one year, he defeated Shawn Michaels, Sid, Bret Hart, British Bulldog, Virgil, Bam Bam Bigelow, and pretty much every main eventer minus The Undertaker, who defeated him at Wrestlemania 12. And his finisher, Jacknife Powerbomb, was pretty devastating.

2. Sycho Sid = If Lesnar was the example of pain, then Sid was the example of Ruthless. Nicknamed The Ruler of The World at 6'9" and 317 lbs, he had an amazing psychotic gimmick and he was feared by all. With his reputation earned from his run with Ric Flair's Four Horsemen and his NWA World Heavyweight title won against Sting, he later managed to win the WWF Championship twice to dominate the WWE in 1996-97 and became one of the biggest names in the dawn of The New Generation Era. During his tenure in WWE, he defeated Undertaker, Bret Hart, Vader, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Goldust, British Bulldog, and Owen Hart by his vile finisher, Release Powerbomb.

3. Masked Kane = Often cited as the finest monster heel in the sports entertainment ever since the retirement of Andre The Giant, The Big Red Machine stood in 6'10" and 323 lbs. The Big Red Monster was the first to really physically dominate The Undertaker and he always been his nemesis in their feuds, when they were not together as the Brothers Of Destruction.He's the only one to have made The Undertaker look human when The Undertaker was using his Lord of Darkness Persona. After tearing the steel door of HIAC when he debuted, he took out The Undertaker before literally taking out the entire roster, defeating guys like Mankind, Vader, Stone Cold, The Rock, Big Show, Triple H, and many others. His two feared finishers, Chokeslam & Tombstone Piledriver, perfectly symbolizes his persona in three words: heartless, merciless, and fearless.

So, basically Sheamus is somewhere in between joining the ranks of legendary monster heels like Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Sid, Big Show, and Masked Kane & joining the ranks of poor excuse of monster heels like Giant Gonzales, Big Boss Man, A-Train, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, and Vladimir Kozlov.

I say, the way he's booked right now, he is closer to the latter. Not to mention so far he doesn't even have any legendary match despite constantly facing Triple H & John Cena.


Kevin Nash didn't have NWO during his stint in WWE.

And Big Boot is painful (experienced it three times) but Powerbomb is a lot more painful (experienced it once).

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    Sheamus is very aptly named the Celtic Warrior.

    Have you seen those irishmen fight? It'll turn into a 10-1 fight, so Celtic Warrior means "gang up on the one unlucky person". It all makes sense.

    Once again, recently, a better Monster Heel has been built by some jobbers like Kane, but with Sheamus, what's his point?

    He hasn't cleany defeated Cena, although Cena stated on his Twitter that he's lost to a "much better man, and Sheamus deserves the title because he's that much of the better man". What kind of bullshit is Cena posting on Twitter? He reveals WWE personal plans, such as Orton joining Twitter, him behind the push of Evan Bourne, and then he lies through the keyboard as he says he wants Bryan back in WWE, and the random rubbish about Sheamus being... that damn good.

    Those few superstars you mentioned, compared to Sheamus, had a lot in common:

    1) Good gimmicks

    2) Good wrestling ability

    3) Good on the mic and able to draw heat/cheers

    Sheamus, however, is barely drawing an intended reaction, and he doesn't have a good gimmick. Just because he's from Ireland, it means he's a Celtic Warrior? I don't know if his hair is natural, but his pale skin? Since WWE have the perfect stereotypical Irishman, they decide to completely degrade any possible credibility they could have/gain?

    Besides that, half of the older/smarter fans know he's had HHHigher power backstage.

    He'll definitely become in your list of Hall of Shamers, considering his match against HHH, a once great wrestler. Put Undertaker or Shawn Michaels against Sheamus and it would've been a match that you could watch, not a match that you would click "Next" for a 30 second promo (what happened to those promo's? They'd come in handy this year...).

    Now, I see Orton becoming the ultimate face by constantly feuding with Sheamus for the next few months. Watch, as Randy Orton takes on the biggest, baddest man in WWE history... any other monster than Sheamus.

    Seriously, excluding Mark Henry, Kozlov, he will go down as one of the worst monsters of all time unless he improves his game.

    Hell, at least Gonzales could actually draw heat, and seem intimidating. If he was in Sheamus' position he would've destroyed half of the Nexus, before the numbers game kicked in. This makes me wonder why Khali wasn't attacked, because WWE have a similar plan to push him in the coming weeks?

    Source(s): Please tell me you well powerbombed on a trampoline :S... and why the hell would you let somebody big boot you? That's like when I agree to let my friends double suplex me through a table, except my face remained untouched :D
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    Sycho Sid Lost The Title To Undertaker In 1997 At Wrestlemania 13 I Believe Undertaker Went 1991 Undertaker For That Match Despite The Fact Undertaker Had Worn That Attire Just For That Event Only

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    You forgot to mention Undertaker in the list of monster heels. Remember he debuted as a heel in 1990, and at that time he really looked like the most unstoppable force ever. Especially with the dead-man gimmick and the man-who-is-not-human/ the-man-who-is-impervious-to-pain stuff, it was impossible to expect him to ever stay down forever or lose. Nobody was pushed as a dominant heel as he was in those days.

    However, in these days, the WWE's way of pushing monster heels has changed. First of all, Sheamus won't be considered a monster if it was the early 1990s because at that time there were too many big guys like Hogan, Taker, Bundy, Yokozuna, Mabel, Earthquake, Typhoon, Adam Bomb, Crush, Papa Shango, Big Bossman, etc. But the WWE doesn't have so many big guys now and that is the reason why guys like Sheamus come across as big or monsters, though they are actually not.

    For a heel to get pushed these days, it is perhaps essential to show some heel "characteristics" too, like winning by cheating, etc so that the star-status of the face he is fighting also remains clean in front of the face's fans. For example, if Cena lost cleanly to Sheamus, it would really disappoint the kids. That is why the kinds of pushes which Umaga or Kozlov or Sheamus got weren't really like the pushes which Taker or Diesel got when they debuted. Remember Khali's debut? Would anybody in their right mind ever believe that Taker will lose *cleanly* to a debutante? First of all, Taker's clean losses that too in his dead-man persona are very rare, but he was willing to do it to push Khali because Khali was really big/ strong and could've made it look believable. I'm not sure if everybody is ready to do that for somebody like Sheamus. Cena is the type of guy who will lose a match cleanly if he is told to, like he lost to Michaels on Raw (2007), Batista at Summerslam (2008), HHH at Raw (2009 perhaps), but I'm not sure if he would lose cleanly to Sheamus who's very much new compared to the other guys who were established stars. Remember even Austin walked out of the WWE because he did not want to promote Lesnar by losing cleanly to him?

    I think that to keep the fans happy as well as to keep their main-event talent happy, the WWE adopts the way of initially letting the heels win by cheating, etc so that the fans stay sold about their heroes' capabilities while they also start appreciating that the heel is becoming a big star. The most classic case was Edge - he defeated Taker so many times in 2008 with his cheating/ manipulative tactics but kept on growing up as a star - Taker did a good job pushing him even though he didn't lose any match to him cleanly. With Sheamus against Cena or Orton too, we'll have to settle for the case that the WWE want to push him as a monster heel this way (stick to the title but using cheating) and we can forget about the days when Kane debuted because such real dominant "monsters" are not getting manufactured anymore.

    Somebody above talked about Cena posting cr*p on Twitter - half the things that he is posting are perhaps not from his own mind but what the WWE tells him to tweet in an attempt to get him over with the Internet wrestling community because they know he is hated a lot.

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    were supposed to buy it but its hard too on the way he is booked. WWE too me are stupid.

    Can a heel not win clean anymore? If so, WWE are idiots.

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    yeah i think and btw who the hell would give someone a powerbomb in a fight?

  • I know that he hasn't won his matches fairly but his matches on Raw seem fair.

    He crushed Evan Bourne pretty much on last week.

    And why do you think he's a top-carder and WWE champion in in only 2 years?

    It's because he is a hard-working athlete.

    And do you seriously think the Big Boot doesn't look painful.

    Let Sheamus try it on you to change your mind..

    I could criticize Cena&Kevin Nash in many ways like you did to Sheamus...

    Like Cena only had 4-7 moves.

    And Kevin Nash had nWo to help him.

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