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How come Yahoo is full of keyboard warriors?

It is pretty much impossible to ask a question on this site without receiving at least one insult for no reason.

In fact just a second ago I asked a question about what people thought of 1980's punk fashion and the first answer I received was as follows: "F*ck you fag" which is hilarious to me because in all my years talking to different people about different things face to face, not once has someone had the audacity to insult me like that in person. But when you get on the internet, particularly Yahoo Answers, suddenly everyone has a huge pair of brass balls and they'll say anything to you because they're all such badasses apparently LOL i love it.

Who do you think these people are? weak little nerds who have no life and take their frustrations out online? Unemployed fat middle-aged balding men pretending to be edgy philosophers? If someone has to talk crap over the internet would you agree that they are probably cowards to some degree in real life?

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    LOL! I agree with you 100%, this is by far the most entertaining post I have read. It's so true! They're probably people who have no real self-esteem of confidence in real life, and try to raise their confidence by bagging people they don't even know? It's pathetic honestly. I bet one of them will even come on this open question & start something. If they do it will be hilarious!

    They think behind a screen they have no consequences, but in reality there is probably even bigger consequences for online keyboard warriors them real life ones. Great question, best by far ;)

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    People who may NEVER say those things face-to-face to people they encounter in real life may feel more comfortable posting stupid comments like that online because it is a very impersonal form of communication. Some of them may think they're being funny. Others may think that they are right and that you are just totally stupid for believing the way you do. We're all human and we all have different opinions on stuff, after all, and some people are not afraid to let you know all about how you're so wrong.

    Again, as the internet is a very impersonal method of communication, more people would be willing to do this online than in person.

    I personally agree with your frustration with these people. :\ However, I think anyone on earth could end up as one of these people who suddenly sprout "brass balls," and I don't think it's really fair to add it to the list of stereotypes for any demographic.

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    I love it too. I love internet haters. & yeah, usually when I get that crap I think its the people you mentioned. Wannabe philosophers, kids who have nothing to do & aren't allowed to say the f word out loud so they put it all over the internet, people who fantasize about being tough and use the internet to "live the dream" . . .

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    Your second paragraph is honestly really faulty. =\ There are a lot of people who are jerks in real life who also come online just to trash talk other people. (I know some in real life.)

    That said, it probably has to do with the anonymity. Reduced accountability and stuff.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    theyre little boys that have nothing to do in their life but insult people because their penis is too small to break a girls hymen

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