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    Today I would like to introduce Taiwan's number one band Mayday.

    Mayday was formed in 1999 and comprised of five members who are passionate about music.

    Their names are respectively as follows:

    Guitarist & Band leader - Monster

    Lead Vocalist - Ashin

    Bass Guitarist - Masa

    Lead Guitarist - Stone

    Drummist - Guan You

    Mayday had been recognized for winning the "Best Band" award at the Golden Melody Awards numeral times, most notably for "Viva Love" in 2001, "Time Machine" in 2004, and "Poetry of the Day After" in 2009.

    Their musical style varies, and most lyrics were written by Ashin. Ashin is truly multi-talented, not only is he proficient from singing to drumming and guitar playing, he is also proficient in drawing, photo shooting and lyric creation, truly an outstanding all-rounder. Currently, Ashin has creations on gallery display in various museums from Taiwan to Shanghai.

    Speaking of Mayday as a band, most people will often relate it as being "King of Live Concert". Mayday on average hold a world-wide tour, once every two and half years. Although their tour themes and ideals differs from tour to tour, however, all conveys the same message: love.

    On 24th of July, 2010, Mayday had just completed a recent world-wide tour called "D.N.A Encore", and is currently under seclusion to prepare for their up and coming movie and new album due for release during the 2011 Chinese New Year celebrations.

    I hope everyone can support them in earnest.


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    What I must introduce today is Taiwan first day of group in May the day In May the day was established in 1999 The big boy who deeply loves music by five composes They respectively are Guitar player concurrently regimental commander monster Initiates the Arab League letter Bess Masha Guitar player stone As well as the drummer crown blesses In May day once in 2001 by ' Love long live ' in 2005 by ' When X-ray machine ' With 2009 by ' Latter puberty poem ' Three degrees have the honor to receive the Jin Qujiang best orchestra prize the affirmation They bend the wind to be changeable The word many monopolizes by the Arab League letter Speaks of the Arab League letter What he is really the talent brims with Not only will sing beats a drum the ball guitar Also will paint pictures the photographic song and poem creation Is ten item of versatile radically Now Taiwan art museum and Shanghai have his art show Speaks in May the day Everybody can think of their another title: King of the concert Equally every two years a half large-scale world tour concert Each time subject and the thought are different But transmits the same news: Love 7/24 they just now finished this time tour Now is being closed up Diligently the movie which as well as the new special edition will screen for next spring festival prepare Hoped that everybody can very much support them Thanks

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