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My leopard gecko is licking her bottom. Is this bad?

I picked her up and gave her a little inspection, and everything looked normal. I have read that it could be because of the substrate, so I am going to switch her to a repti-rug tomorrow, but I want to know what the other problems could be. She has never done this, so it was a little surprising. Since the outside looks fine, I want to make sure there is nothing wrong with her insides. Could someone please give me some more insight, and signs that something else might be wrong? Thanks!

(Always has fresh water, humidity around 25-50% on average, ~90 degrees)

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    It could just be that her bottom was a little itchy, and because they can't really reach with their front legs, she did what she could do. As long as she's not losing weight (which could be a sign of parasites or egg binding) and is eating normally she should be fine.

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    She sounds fine, sound like she had an itch and you caught her scratching it! Well done for switching over to repti-carpet but some owners have commented that it gets caught in their leopard geckos feet so be wary of this.

    Your leopard gecko is perfectly fine!

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