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Cesc Saga..... Thoughts?

With all the transfer rumours about Cesc Fabregas leaving Arsenal despite Arsenal stating publicly and explicitly that Fabregas is not for sale. What are your thoughts on the constant public statements from Barcelona players stating how much they want him to join. I have never seen anything like this in all my life and personally I find it disgraceful. I know Barcelona have not broken any rules. But in my opinion it's a joke and the rules should be changed to make sure something like this wont happen again. I also think it's a joke that they value Fabregas at £10 milllion less than David Villa but have got the players to kick up such a fuss in the hope that Fabregas will hand in his transfer request and they'll be able to get him on the cheap. I hope that he will realise that Barcelona do not value him as highly as they make out and he is more of a trophy they want to acquire to restore their pride for letting him go 7 years ago.

Now obviously I'm an Arsenal fan and I have strong feelings about this issue but I'd disagree with the way Barcelona go about their business, whatever club was involved.

If you are a fan of another prem club, try to leave your natural rivalries out of this and give your opinion on the matter. Thanks


Bottom line is Barcelona can't afford him and they're trying to get him cheap. Not to mention the fact that Barceloana still owe £3million for the Hleb deal.

Soon Barcelona won't be able to loan 150-200 mil from the banks to pay players wages and they know that.

Also, now Mourinho has come to La Liga, I think Real Madrid will win most of the honours this season

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    You crying Arsenal kids need to get a grip, Barcelona are a far bigger club than Arsenal. You practically stole Cesc anyway by taking advantage of the fact that Barcelona couldn't sign him professionally at 16. Now you are about to make a healthy profit on what is essentially their product, and you have the audacity to cry about it.

    Like the master Xavi says, it's gonna happen this summer or next, and like United with Ronaldo, there is nothing you can do about it.

    Villa is a better player than Fabregas, so them valuing Cesc less is not a joke, even if he has a longer career ahead of him than Villa. You wouldn't bat an eyelid that Fabregas is valued less than Rooney, and Villa is better than Rooney, so do the maths.

    'Also, now Mourinho has come to La Liga, I think Real Madrid will win most of the honours this season', you're only saying that because you, like most PL fans, lick Mourinho's rimhole (partially because he plays the boring, defensive football your country is famous for) and are so insanely jealous of Barcelona's team, that you have become desperate enough to even prefer Real, who are a far bigger bunch of cu nt s than Barcelona can aspire to be.

    Also, not like United or Arsenal ever tap players up is it? You both bully smaller clubs, just like Real done to United and Barca are doing to yous...bully smaller clubs. There's always a bigger dog in the yard, unless you are Real Madrid.

    One - an option to accommodate Fabregas: Iniesta will be moved wide left, Messi will play wide right and Villa through the centre. Busquets and Xavi will play deeper and Cesc will play futher forward behind the front three. A sort of 4-2-1-3 variation of their traditional 4-3-3 if you like. Also, Pedro is not a defensive midfielder as you have claimed. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you meant Sergio B.

    Even if he doesn't start, they have an eye on the future as he is intended to be Xavi's replacement when the master retires and Cesc enters his prime, which will occur roughly around the same time.

    Guy below - still peddling the Ovrebo myth, more than a year on? Bitter tossers. I guess you won't mention Henry being denied a legitimate penalty in Camp Nou or Abidal's wrongful sending off at Stamford Bridge though will you? After all, why take account of the facts when you can indulge in classless vitriol? I appreciate the irony of the Catalans being labelled 'classless cheats' after a game with fu cking Chelsea, however.

    By the way, Barcelona don't decide whether a penalty should be given or not, so that's a bad example of their 'cheating' you utter fu ck head. A better one would be Sergio B versus Inter at Camp Nou, when he held his face and peeked to see if Motta would be sent off, but given that match did not involve an English team I doubt you even watched it.

    Karthi - I made that point in my answer, that Villa has much less remaining of his career than Fabregas. However, Villa is still the superior player at this moment in time, and there's more to valuing a player than simply his age. The fact Villa is 29 this season does not automatically mean he should cost less than Fabregas. And Villa has more than two good years left in him. You also forget that Valencia desperately needed the money Barcelona paid. Villa has a four year contract with Barcelona, so they obviously feel he has more than two years at the top left.

    Actually, strikers/goalscorers are generally valued higher than playmakers, which I don't agree with but it's true. I get the feeling you're just making that claim to suit your argument, I really do. Ronaldo would cost much more than Xavi, and Messi would cost more than Fabregas, because those two are flat out attackers who score goals. As I say, it's not how it should be but it is.

    Also, I don't doubt that what you say is correct, in fact I know it is, but that's not how it works in practice, at least not with Barcelona. They aren't looking to gain a great selling on fee from Villa in a few years, they aren't looking to get their money back as they know by the time he is finished with them he will be done as a top player.

    Basically, what you're saying is logical but it doesn't always work that way in practice. Have you never seen 28 year olds bought for much more than 22 year olds, when they're of a similar level?

    Karthi - Barcelona have signed Villa on a four year contract, and I trust their judgement more than yours. True, not many strikers in this era last until well into their thirties, but that doesn't automatically mean Villa can't. His game is built more around movement, finishing and intelligence than flat out pace, so he can last longer. To say Villa can't play for Barcelona until he is 33 is nonsensical.

    As for your club legend Henry being better than Villa, Henry was pretty overrated. Never done it for France in any tournament, as Zidane held his hand in them all bar 2002.

    Also about Valencia, you can argue that had Villa been at a club in a position to negotiate better and not in financial difficulty he would have cost Barcelona even more.


    Fine, you want a list of present strikers still playing to high level in their 30s?

    Didier Drogba, 32. Just enjoyed one of if not the best season of his career. His game is much based on physical attributes than Villa's also, so he should decline faster.

    Diego Milito, 31. Just enjoyed the best season of his career, winning the treble with Inter, being one of their best players and scoring the two goals in the CL Final.

    Ruud Van Nistelrooy, 34. Granted he's not the player he was, but he's still performing to a decent level for Hamburg and for me should have been in the Dutch World Cup Squad.

    Filippo Inzaghi, 37 this year. Used more sparingly now, but still as lethal as ever in and around the box. Scored the winner in the CL Final in 2007 when he was 34.

    Alessandro Del Piero and Francesco Totti, 36 and 33 respectively. Granted, these two are more trequaristas than strikers, but they are very attack-minded and still big goal-scoers, particularly Totti. Still performing in the world's most tactical league into their 30s.

    Henry himself had a fantastic season at Barcelona in 2008-2009 when he was in his 30s.

    There's every chance that Raul, 33, will do well at Schalke, if he goes there.

    So, as you can see, to claim Villa can't play until 32 or 33, is just ridiculous.

    Karthi - I agree with that, obviously. But my point is that Villa will still be good enough to play for Barcelona at 32 or 33. He won't decline sufficiently to not be good enough, I feel. His decline won't be that rapid.

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    Wish this saga would be over and done with. I am not surprised at Barcelona's valuation of Cesc nor can I blame them. Cesc is talented, no doubt, but realistically, Cesc would probably be a bench player at Barcelona. Barcelona almost always run a 4-3-3 with Xavi, Iniesta, and a defensive midfielder (Busquets, Keita, etc.) making up the midfield. Unless Barcelona decide to change their formation or go without a defensive midfielder, I don't see Cesc taking a starting place. At the same time, Arsenal have to be weary of losing him for nothing as his deal runs out after this season (he has an option to extend the deal for a further three years).

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    The thing most Arsenal fans need to understand is that Barcelona is a club Cesc wants to join and it's only a matter of time until he does, be it this season or next. He has history there, friends, family and going back to Spain to play football would be one of his dreams. So I'm sure most of the Arsenal fans can understand this right?

    Just like when Cristiano stated how much of a dream it was for him to play for Real, most United fans would've known it was a matter of time before he went as Real's desire for him was also evident. But when player's have dreams fans should realise nothing can get in the way of that. Sure the way Barca players have acted was a bit harsh from the Arsenal fans point of view and if a similar conduct was used in the transfer of Cristiano, then I wouldn't be too pleased myself as a United fan.

    But the way the players do keep reiterating their want for Cesc at Barca will just help show Cesc that he is wanted at Barca as much as he wants to be there. So it is kind of understandable where they are coming from.

    But I do agree that Barca won't be able to afford Cesc unless they let Ibrah or another big name player go.

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    There is fundamentally wrong with the way the first answerer is trying to determine the price of a player.

    Villa is 28 year old who had around two years left in his contract.

    Cesc Fabregas IS the best midfielder/playmaker in England. He is 22 year old and has four years remaining at Arsenal.

    Who is more valuable now ? A player who has 7 to 8 quality years remaining in him or a striker who has just at max two years at best?

    It is disgraceful by the way Barcelona have handled themselves in this scenario . Arsenal offered him a better contract and promised him first team which he duly got and has become a player he is now thanks to Arsenal.

    Barcelona are no angels in getting youngsters,In the past they pick the best players around the world and develop.

    Arsenal haven't broken any law when they got Cesc but Barcelona have by the way they are tapping Cesc.


    First of all you cant compare Villa to Cesc.One is a striker and the other is a playmaker.

    Demand for playmakers are more than striker FYI.

    and then comes to the point of the length of existing contract.

    An example:

    If a £10million player is signed on a four year contract, as per amortisation, that player will lose £2.5million of his value every year of his contract (10m/4 years = 2.5m per year). Hence in the accounts, in the 2nd year of that contract, the player has a value of £5million.

    Basically after every year of his contract his value depreciates.

    Are you serious ? Tell me one striker besides ronaldo who really played well in his thirties. Even Henry who was way better than Villa started to succumb as lifespan of a striker is short in football.

    Plus you mention a good point about Valencia needing the money and hence barca paid.. which exactly makes Cesc valuation even higher.Do Arsenal need the money ?NO and hence they won't accept any thing less and will just wait for the right offer to come about.Valencia needed the money badly so they had to accept .

    I mean in generic. What I am trying to say is no player will be as good as he was when he was at 24-29 .those are his prime years.

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    I hope he stays another year, the way barcelona are conducting themselves is really classless. If they really want him that bad, they better pay up or shut up! :P

    Its an obvious case of tapping up, but Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini turn the other way because its not an english club doing it. Disgraceful.

    Why should a talent like him leave now and spend more than half the time on the bench anyway?

    AND for all you whiny Barca fans, He signed with Arsenal, they didnt steal him. He made the decision to go to Arsenal and he probably would'nt look back on it.

    Source(s): Me, United Fan! :P
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    Barcelona are classless cheats.

    Here is the proof:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Drogba is 32. He had his best season to date last year.

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    febregas will stay for this at asrenal

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