Wicked bruise on the right side of my stomach should i be concerned?

so yesterday my family went to the movies. me and my dad were sitting in the back seat. him on the driver's side and me on the Passenger side. when we got home i got out and as i walked behind the car to the to the other side to walk up the drive way my dad opened his door and i caught it on the way by. it flew completely open and then flew shut but he caught it with his hand so it wouldn't slam into him.

i ran into it on the right side of my stomach really close to the side of my body above the height of my belly button but below my rib cage. it hurt but it wasn't like a knock the breath out of me hurt. i didn't really pay too much attention to it after that thinking the pain would go away and that would be the end of it. i didn't notice anything when i put my pajamas on but i wasn't really looking for anything. this morning when i undressed to get in the shower i noticed this really dark bruise that had a couple of specks of red around it. i showed my mom (retired nurse) and she said to watch it and if i start to feel sick let her know cuz it could have injured my liver. it does ache and when i press on it it hurts cuz there is a bruise. i do feel a little dizzy when i stand up but i'm hoping thats just cuz i didn't eat much today.

should i be concerned about this or do you think its just a bruise and nothing more?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Ohhhh I do stuff like this all the time. Do what your mom said, you may have damaged your liver(but I doubt it, I've run into my kitchen counter at full speed so many times and had bruises like that). But drink lots of water, and then just get plenty of sleep. Take vitamins that have k and e in them for your skin and so that your blood will clot(a bruise is kind of a blood pool that get's inflamed) but most multivitamins have both of those anyway. Leave it alone, it's painful so don't touch it and be careful with yourself the last thing you need is another bruise. Just expect to be tired for a couple of days. It'll fade.

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  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    I don't think thats supposed to happen. Go to a doctor.

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