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WS,How to do Sweet Chin Music?

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    Sweet Chin Music is a superkick with theatrics. The theatrics being the wrestler goes into a corner as their opponent begins to get up. They stomp their feet in a rhythm like pattern, like 1,.... 2,..... 3,, then 4, 5, 6,(stomp movements speeds up when opponent stands up and turns around) step forward and deliver a super kick. And a sweet chin music is different from a regular super kick because its main focus is to hit the chin, not just the face. And to add sound effects, the guy doing the move would time his kick and slap his leg the second it hits impact, to create a smack sound effect. If people don't notice you slapping your leg and still think you kicked the guy in the face, your doing it correctly. (PS, The proper way to do it is to, make contact but its not make it as painful as it seems and your opponent is taking a bump) I just feel I should tell you that, as if you plan on doing this, you don't actually kick the guy.

    And PS. a Superkick looks like a straight kick, but its really a kick that arches while going forward quickly. Doing a straight kick can result in pulling a hamstring. Be careful and actually make sure you can kick high enough. Kick someone in the throat hurts..... like hell.

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    Knock your opponent to the floor.Make sure your opponent stays down,kip up to get the crowd roaring & then walk into the corner of the ring.If your opponent will be down a while, have a rest against the turnbuckle but not too long.Grab the top ropes on either side of you as the opponent starts to stir.Pull down on the ropes lifting your foot, then up as you stomp the mat.Repeat till your opponent is on their feet.If you time it right, as they are facing you, you will have kicked upwards with a side kick towards their chin.

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    Once your in front of them, move back raise your leg to their face and kick them in the sleeper area (chin)

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    Tune up the band then superkick your opponent's face.

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    stomp your leg up and down and kick the guy in the face not that complicated

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    slap your opponant and rise your leg..

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