Let's say you are a 4 out of 10?

and you are hitting on a 2 out of 10.

Now, you might think she would be glad that a 4 would be hitting on her? But if you come across like "bet you are glad a 4 is hitting on you instead of another 2," then you get shot down.

So how do you not come across that way? Because on the one hand, obviously you find her sexy enough to hit on, but on the other hand, you ARE kind of slumming?

Yes I know this sounds terrible, but I am serious :(

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  • 10 years ago
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    Hey Dude,

    Treat every woman as though she is a 10. Some of them may not appreciate how highly you think of them but if you really think of it we are all born equal head first through the same birth canal owned by a woman and to do that means you been given life by what you may call a 1 through 10 mother. That you made it she is a 10 Grant each woman the same value. none is better than any other. They all have the same assets and they all perform the same way those who are heterosexual.

    You need to step up to the plate and treat each female with dignity she is deserving of it. I am not being hard on you I am giving you the key to all women. Let each female feels she is a 10 and she will be when it counts.

    Regarding you comment that you are a 2 or 4, look if you are all man you are a 10. Your economic position or money or looks do not make you a 10 if you are ethical. moral have good hygene and is a responsible man towards parents friends and family you are a 10. Re evaluate yorself. Do not be so harsh on yourself or females.

    Start right now.

    Good luck my misinformed friend.

  • 10 years ago

    maybe you should leave numbers out of it. LOL. life isn't supposed to be a beauty contest, and if a woman isn't interested it doesn't matter if she's a 2 or a 10, there's not much that will change her mind.

  • 10 years ago

    but ew she is a 2 :/

    why dont you look for another 4 or at least a 5? lol

    you are right she should be glad you are hitting on her.

    im telling you go for a 5 ;)

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