Why Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 is very unique that other Gangs and Criminal Groups?

Why Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 is very unique that other Gangs and Organized Crime and Criminal Groups? Why It became very popular, brutal, organized, and influencial Gang than other gangs around the world?

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    Mara Salvatrucha (commonly abbreviated as MS, Mara, and MS-13) is a transnational criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles and has spread to other parts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.[1] The majority of the gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans and active in urban and suburban areas.Members of MS distinguish themselves by tattoos covering the body and also often the face as well as the use of an own sign language. They are notorious for their use of violence and a subcultural moral code that predominantly consists of merciless revenge and cruel retributions.This excessive cruelty of the distinguished members of the "Maras" or "Mareros", earned them a path to be recruited by the criminal organization of Sinaloa, Joaquin Guzman, to be trained in handling weapons and counter the force from the Gulf Organization (Los Zetas), a war that rages south of the United States Border.

    These are just a few reasons as I'm sure you could find more by reading here


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