Whats the differenc between DPS gear and tank gear? WoW?

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  • 9 years ago
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    DPS means damage per second. DPS should never take gear that has defense rating, dodge rating, or parry rating on it. These stats are valuable for a tank, but are worthless as a DPS.

    As a DPS you want stats that will boost your "DPS". Classes should focus on these stats to increase DPS:

    Shaman (Elemental DPS): Spellpower/haste

    Shaman (Enhancement): Attack power/haste

    Hunter: Agility, ARP, Attack power

    Death Knight: Strength

    Rogue: Agility, Attack power, Armor Penetration (ARP)

    Priest: Spell power & haste

    Mage: Spell power & haste

    Warlock: Spell power, haste, and crit

    Warrior: Armor Penetration / strength

    Druid: Armor Penetration

    Paladin: Strength

    Tanks should gem stamina once they reach the defense cap of 540.

  • hildy
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    whats up now concerns we've been all noobs at one factor in time each physique is going by way of it. The dps kit could have stamina, power, intense strike, understanding, and armour penetration on it. Dont by ability of the kit the provides a crap load of stamina and protection score and additionally doge and parry score till you desire to be a tank. The relentless gladiators kit gets not something yet hassle in dungeons as a results of fact human beings in dungeons want raid kit not pvp kit. The dps kit is offered for a similar sellers as a number of the pvp kit is yet dont bypass into dungeons with pvp kit thats a no no.

  • 9 years ago

    Depends on your class but normally tank gear will have extra stats the go towards parry/dodge/defense

    and DPS gear will have extra stats for crit/haste/armor pent

  • Dave
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    9 years ago

    DPS gear gives you bonuses that increase your overall dps while tank gear gives you bonuses to better tank

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  • 9 years ago

    tank gear should have more stamina

    and dps more strength

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