I think my mom is jealous?

She keeps on picking on me for no reason. Like yesterday I just came come and she randomly starts yelling at me because she lost her Shaw bill. Then she started making random accusations that have nothing to do with me. Shes just been acting like a total l3itch. I dont think im perfect but I do nothing wrong. I took Summer school and sacrificed my entire summer (no i didnt fail anything), I got 82%. Im goal oriented, and took another 4 courses during Summer, now im working on another 3 courses. So I do good academically, then she starts spazzing at me because I want to take driving and flight attendant courses ! Which I never asked her to pay for. She never buys anything for me, i pay for everything myself, I dont do drugs, smoke, or drink, i cant even have friends because she doesnt let me hang out with anyone, or even go anywhere. BTW im turning 17 in January (grade 11). Every thing is going well for me and she just cant stand it. Her life is crap, and I think shes jealous. Shes trying to ruin my life, or make me feel guilty all the time, and i dont know why. What mother doesn't want their child to be successful? And while I pay for all my needs, she wants me to pay rent! yes rent! Shes a nutjob. She doesn't consider the fact that she barely spends anything on me period, but she wants ME to pay HER!? Plus she kept rubbing the fact in, that the other day she paid for 2 of my courses, which i said I will back. What is her problem? I think she SHOULD cover some things since shes my mother.

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    Talk to me anytime. I have some questions for you.

    1st of all youre being tricked. You think since they are parents that they are just being normal with what they say, and they have a right to talk like that as parents. Turns out many parents are abusers. They are not trying to be tough to make you responsible- they are tricking you.

    Hurting people hurt others. It's not you.. They are the ones who have a problem. People/parents do mean things or lie to control. They just want the reaction so they can get high feel good from it. You have to look at the agenda. Abuse is anything and words that are not uplifting. So forget what truth is being used right then. Remember -THEY actually get high on being mean, and thats why they do it, they are wrong about everything.

    So the parent becomes abusive and the children get sick with so called non existent mental Illnesses, but it can be stopped. You dont have a problem its them. Psychiatrists commit fraud in that there is zero science in what they do. They do not draw blood to test for imbalances. For chemical imbalances no test exists. There is no conception of what a correct chemical balance would look like to date. People in the FDA agree.

    Remember, after abuse sickness can be a spiritual problem - Jesus name is needed to banish what is there.

    God wants you to know truth- then forgive those who abused you.

    http://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-Emotional-Abuse-f... -Abuse from parent

    http://www.nemasys.com/ghostwolf/Resources/abusede... - Are you being abused or not?


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    See real docs explain what shrinks do.

    Source--Seeing people healed on a regular basis in a ministry- healing without meds.

    30+ years exp -abuse etc..

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    First I think you should ask someone you trust, like a guidance counselor or a friend's parent for help not people on the internet hun. I'm not sure what's up with your mother but I think you might want her to see someone. But otherwise, congrats hun, I'm impressed with what you've told me. If anything else turns verbal or physical, I think it's time to move in with someone else, okay?

    I hope this helps and I'm sorry i can't offer you more, hun. Good luck!

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    maybe,u shud move out with a family member.

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    she is a noob tell her to uninstall her game now :) it works wonders ;;;;;))))))

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