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How often do you bathe your cat?

My cat hates bath time and she hates it when I dry her off with the hair dryer. I hadn't bathed her in a while and after I did I realized how much it improved her coat. So now I'm going to do it once a month. She is an indoor only cat. How often do you bathe yours?


She had really bad dandruff so the vet told me to give her a bath and then all the dandruff was gone. So, in her case it was necessary. I use moisturizing shampoo for cats on her. And I do it myself because she just sits there and lets me do it.

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    Giving a cat a bath depends on sevral things. Indoor cats obvioulsy need less baths than outdoor cats. Outdoor cats will need to be bathed whenever they are very dirty or you may need to give them a flea bath if they get fleas. Indoor cats generally do not need baths. There are several circumstances, however, in which you may want to give your indoor kitty a bath. In seasons where your kitty sheds a lot sometimes a bath can wash away dander and loose hair that dosn't come out with brushing. Some owners are allergic to their kitties so regular baths would help keep dander to a minimum. Sometimes bathing older kitties (if they don't get too stressed) is helpful because as they age they can no longer reach certain places on their body (especially thier behind)to properly clean and they can smell or their fur can get very durty or matted. It really depends on your situation and your kitty. So to answer your question I would say that you should bathe your cat about every 3 months or so! I hope this helps you out!

    Good Luck!

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    We have indoor only cats. We bathe them no less than twice a year, but we strive for once every 3-4 months. Anything more often than that and I think it would dry their coat and skin too much. A couple of my cats like having a bath, but one of them will try and rip your face off. We turn the temp in the house so it's a good bit warmer so they don't get cold, we try to bathe only on very sunny days so they can catch the light coming in the window to dry, and we only towel dry unless they are a kitten, then we have one of those really quiet bonnet dryers that we use the hose from because we can set the actual machine around the corner from them.

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    I have show cats - they are quite used to being bathed - they get one before each show. Sometimes its once a month, sometimes its every few months (depends on the show I'm going to). My household pet gets a bath 2-3 times a year (she's not shown).

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    You should not bathe them, they are perfectly equipped to do so on their own, nature made sure of them. It just messes up the skin, if you care about your cat, don't bathe it unless you really have to. They are not human, they are cats. How about reading up on it through Google?

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    I bathe my cat about twice a month, then again, it sheds a lot. it all depends on how clean your cat stays, length of hair and how much it sheds. Also, cats tend to hate loud noises like vacuums and hair dryers, which may be why your cat dislikes it. i suggest the old fashion way of a towel.

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    I bathe my cat myself, because if you pay another person to do it, your wasting money! I bathe my cat once a month, and he is okay with it. On the drying part, you may want to towel dry, because the sound of a hair dryer can be nerve-racking to a cat, because they sometimes have sensitive ears!

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    I've had cats all my life, and I've never needed to give them a bath. My cats freely wander between the outdoors and my house, and they clean themselves quite well. I'd assume that an indoor cat would be even cleaner. If your cat does start to smell though, I'd recommend asking your vet if bathing it is a good idea and what shampoo products to use.

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    My cat Scooter gets a bath every 2 or 3 months because he does go outside and dust gets on him.SWIFFER KITTY!!!! HAHA

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