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How can i get my sisters dog to stop marking in the house?

My sister lives in our house and her dog marks everything in the house what can i put on things or do to get the dog to stop marking?

i would prefer for this to be low budget.

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    First, sister needs to take responsibility for training her dog and cleaning him messes.

    Clean up needs to be done with an enzymatic pet cleaner (Simple Solution or Nature's Miracle are great products). To keep it low budget, make your sis pay for this--get the gallon size.

    The dog needs to go out frequently and be monitored or crated at all times. He won't retreat to a corner to pee or lift a leg on the sofa if he is being watched. Use the umbilical leash method when he is out in the house. Put his leash on and clip the other end to your belt loop. He can't wander and you will be able to monitor him. (Again, I'd tie him to your sister.)

    Praise the dog when he does his business outside in an appropriate place. And while working on his training, he may need to go out every 1 to 2 hours at first. If this is an adult dog, he probably won't soil his crate. When he can't be monitored, put him in the crate.

    I'm assuming this is a male dog. Neutering can help, but some neutered dogs will still mark. It depends on how ingrained the behavior is. Clean every place meticulously and monitoring him so he doesn't do it will help.

    I don't advocate this, but you can get an item called a belly band or a male dog wrap. You wrap it around the dog's waist, covering the penis, and if the dog tries to mark, the urine is contained. You can use feminine pads to soak the urine. This will help cut down on the messes to clean, but the dog may suffer skin breakdown and will smell badly. Marking behavior will leave small amounts of urine behind. It is important to know if he is urinating inside (large amount of urine) or marking (small amounts of urine).

    And since this is your home, you get to set the rules. If your sister isn't willing to work to correct this problem, you may need to let her know the dog can't continue to live here. Only you know your family's circumstances and what is appropriate. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Are you both adults and is it your house? Or are you both minors living with parents?

    If it's the first, sister either starts training the dog today, or to a homeless shelter she goes.

    If it's the second, put your parents on. Parents, MAKE the daughter that owns the dog him out to potty more, and make the daughter work with the dog. If she doesn't do, punish her. She's not to go ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING fun until she has this dog trained.

    Edit: While I think fixing a dog is a good idea to prevent unwanted litters, I know people who have intact dogs who don't do any of that, and they are able to make sure their dogs don't have the chance to reproduce. I don't think them being intact or neutered makes any difference as far as marking.

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  • 10 years ago

    walmart sells a metal cable with a plastic coating on it. It has a hook on both ends. This item costs about $10-$20. Hook one end to a tree and the other end to the dog`s collar. Be sure to give water. When sister complains, point out that its you`re house, and although she may not mind living in filth and urine, it wont be tolerated in your home. Tell her to respect your home or she can get out.

    If she makes the effort to train the dog properly to behave, then maybe he can be allowed back in one day. Good luck

    EDIT; ignore anyone who tells you to fix the dog for this reason. Males WILL still mark after they`ve been surgically altered. Anyone who tells you different either doesn`t know what they`re talking about (and therefore should be ignored) or is lying in order to further their political agenda of forced sterilization. (and therefore should be ignored)

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  • 10 years ago

    all the spots need to be thoroughly cleaned, I love Nature Miracle for the job. The dog also should not be allowed to roam the house at all unless someone is watching him. Each time he starts the marking behavior (usually with sniffing) he will need to be redirected to another activity.

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  • 10 years ago

    take the dog out more and when i gets back from a good long walk make it go in its basket and not roam about the house.

    wash bedding every week and make sure the dog is kept clean

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  • 10 years ago

    Make sure that every place that the dog marks you clean really well, if you don't (if you have other animals, or animals visit) other animals will try to make that their territory.

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  • 10 years ago

    well you need to get the dog fixed MALE or FEMALE that is one of the consequences of not fixing your dog well your sisters dog go to the vet and have it done. if you catch him YELL NO!!!!!!!! than he might listen i don't know your dog so i can't say that he will listen. really get him fixed.

    i agree with Gabbie and Sammy LOVE raw meat!

    • Dano3 years agoReport

      fixed dogs still mark. Sorry but your answer is completely ignorant.

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  • 10 years ago

    at walmart you can get a pet keep away spray on certain things, but of course uyou cant put it on the whole house

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