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Why is it France is doing better than Canada?

France has alot more social programs than that say Canada and on top of that they have modern and excellent military ( state of the art ) . Well Canada has less social programs and in the past 15 years lossing it social programs .It has old and not so good military .

And if that is not enough France is leader in Airbuses and has space program.Yes they have rockets and good space program.They have lots of big companies and business that they own.

They have high GDP and standard of living.So much wealth and alot of big companies and business .

They are big player in military stuff and Airbuses .

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    Canada has 1.5 Trillion in GDP and France has 2.86 Trillion in GDP.

    GDP is not the only thing that determines a strong economy and much of GDP can be based on dept so it is important to look at dept to GDP as well.

    Frances dept is 77.5% of their GDP while Canada is only at 75.4%

    Unemployment rate is also very important to look at too. Canada is only at a 7.9% unemployment rate, while France is at 10.1%

    Another thing to look at is the standard of living index. Canada scores a 0.996 which is 4th in the world and France only scores .961 which is 8th in the world.

    The statistics show that while France has a high GDP much of it is based on dept, that along with unemployment rates and standards of living show that Canada has the much stronger economy between the two.

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    Canada also has a high GDP and standard of living. Canada has much wealth and a lot of big companies and business.

    We could also list various things that Canada has that France doesn't. Or lots of things that Italy is the leader in that France doesn't have. Or something where Austria has an advantage over another country--in fact, using your method any country can be shown to be better than any other country.

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    Your only showing what France is good at and your not showing anything necessary to use as a comparison from France and Canada. Your obviously watching too much movies because Canada has one of the best economies. And you can't just use culture as a base of saying that France is doing better than Canada because most English descending countries have the same similiar culture and I'm not talking about diffrences but most common you see from Europe and Canada and America. If your going to ask why is France doing better then Canada then you have to ask it overall and not on some specific basis.

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    France + military = oxymoron. I don't care how much they spend on it or whatever, they suck. A lot. They don't even compare remotely to the US and they haven't shown any fighting capability because it's FRANCE, they have no nuts or spines. Why is the French Foreign Legion more well known than anything else? It's not even French. That's why.

    Canada's military however is one of the highest quality for its size. It ranks up with Poland, Israel, SK, and US for quality. Plus they actually stick beside the US and go in with us, that makes them better than France by a long shot.

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    France sells guns to 3rd world countries along with USA, germany, and Russia

    Brings in a lot of income on the blood of the poor

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    Lets see France:

    1. A socialist country were you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent

    2. 80% electric power produced by Nukes

    3. A colonial power with slave colonies on 3 Continents

    4. Has a mercenary army

    And hypocritical liberals think their so cool.

    Source(s): Did I forget the cheese eating surrender monkeys.
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    You obviously have no clue what is going on the world. Canada has one of the strongest economies in the world.

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    Since when?

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