Rumored Mets changes & possible trades? Details inside plus your thoughts->?

1)According to some reports from the NY Radio station WFAN the Mets may make an announcement tomorrow concerning some changes being made Rumors are the changes will involve maybe the Coaching Staff or the Manager himself.

2) The Mets & Royals are talking about a trade that could involve one or more of the following players->

Royals-> Kyle Farnsworth, Gil Meche, Jose Guillén

Mets-> Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Jeff Francoeur

Your thoughts? Again this is just reports going around & it's not facts yet just wanting your thoughts if this is by some chance true.


Yes i listen to the FAN but i don't call the station. Yes it's Rubinson i believe. She's the one who mentioned it once or twice that's what she has heard.

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  • Chaos
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    10 years ago
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    Hmm, interesting. If theirs a announcement, I can't wait for it. Howard Johnson and Omar should get fired, but Jerry should stay

    I have mix feelings about that trade with the Royals. I think Luis Castillo is kinda underrated..... not a worthless player like some say. Luis Castillo is a good SECOND place hitter in my opinion. Can take pitchers for Reyes, can make the pitcher work and finds a way to get on base. Oliver Perez can leave for all that I care. Ahh Francoeur might go? :(. He is my favorite outfielder in baseball and has like a cannon of a arm in right field. I don't want him to go. I would love to get Kyle Farnsworth, but our offense now has been a bigger problem. Our bullpen since the all star break has like a 0.95 ERA (showed during Mets game today). I would LOVE to get Meche and put Takahashi in the bullpen for long relieve..... where he belongs.

    What about a Oliver Perez and Jeff Francoeur for Kyle Farnsworth and Gil Meche? I like Castillo over Guillen for some reason.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Jose Guillen goes to the Mets with Omar as GM. The 16 in the home run category was all it took for Omar to like Guillen. Omar cares too much about home runs.... seriously. He needs to just accept that Citi Field is a double/triple/single ballpark, not a home run hitting ball park. He signed Bay over Matt because Bay has the rep of getting more HR. He signed Barajas because Barajas had 19 HR last year. He signed Jacob because Jacob was a home run hitter.

  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Mixed emotions. Glad that they are attempting to improve the situation (even as somewhat of a "purist" I think that the idea of saying that umpire error is "part of the game" is ridiculous if you can fix it) but not real thrilled with the method they will use. I would prefer that they instead simply add a fifth umpire to each crew and have them actually IN the ballpark. And let THEM decide if a play should be reviewed. I hate the idea of challenges - for one I hate to see the number of reviews limited in any way. I also would question if it might be possible for a manager to manipulate the challenge system. For instance - home team has a ten run lead in the top of the fifth and it looks like a storm is coming. Perhaps the visiting manager uses his appeals in an attempt to slow down the game in hopes that the rain would come before the game was official? Or could a manager appeal plays to give a reliever more time to warm up? And what if an ump makes a REALLY bad call once the appeals are used? Do you just let it slide or do you truly want to ensure the calls are right.

  • 4-3.
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    10 years ago

    Mets hitting coach Howard Johnson, is definitely fired. They will probably replace him with Milt Thompson. That trade with the Royals is a good one for the Mets, not so good for the Royals. Castillo and Perez are worthless, and Francoeur only has good defense. The Royals cannot be this big of a joke, to trade away two decent players for two bad players and an inconsistent player in Francoeur.

  • Ohh I don't know very much about most of these players, but the name Kyle Farnsworth sure rings a bell. Unless he's improved (a lot) since he played for the Yankees, I'm not sure this would be a good idea for the Mets. They're kind of a struggling team, and they don't need another pitcher who will drag them down.

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  • JenJen
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    10 years ago

    The Mets will do anything to try and keep there heads above 500. The question is come September can they avoid another major breakdown. I thought Francouer was a solid player for them. I would be shocked if they gave him up. Maybe they do need a coaching staff shake up or maybe the players need a little movitation speak.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't know why the Royals would want any of those players:

    -Francoeur has a .296 OBP and has below average power for a corner outfielder. He is bad

    -Castillo is way past his prime.

    -Perez can't throw strikes and is way over-paid.

    The problem with the Mets is that Minaya sucks at evaluating talent. Until they get rid of Minaya I doubt they will be successful.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't follow things that happen in the Big Apple. But they did talk about Farnsworth and the Royals at the White Sox game today.

  • Kyle
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    10 years ago

    i'd be really happy with that trade. they need pitching and a back OF is good since pagan will be starting in RF. the mets really need to keep meche in this deal because they need a guy who can come into the rotation to move takashi back into the bullpen where he did pretty well before entering the rotation. but knowing the mets it's untrue about this trade

    Source(s): Jake I couldn't agree with that first sentance anymore, she's a complete idiot. the fan is on station 660 AM, idk if that's different for people that don't live near the city but you can listen online i believe
  • Foxx
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    10 years ago

    Trade has some merit-except for the Guillen part, he is the last thing the Mets need-he is a terrible clubhouse Presence

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Britnee M. doesn't know what shes talkin about. I think there gonna swap Farnsworth and Guillen for Francoeur and Perez.

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