How should I write my name in Korean?

I've recently begun studying the Korean language on my own. Although I have learned how to introduce myself, I'm not sure how to write or pronounce my own name within the pronunciation of the Korean language.

My name is Laura.

In Japanese I write my name as ローラ.

For Korean, I've tried writing it as 로러. Would that be appropriate, or is there a better way to write it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    If I were to write your name in Hangul, I would write it as based on the pronunciation:

    로라 lo-ra (loh-rah)

    러라, which has a softer "oh" sound, since it's "eo", pronounced almost like "uh", would be an alternative if people accentuate the 오 too much (by really rounding the mouth so it sounds like "low-ra"), which would only be if someone pronounced it really slowly by syllable, like 로-라.

    Still, 로라 would be the proper / common way of writing your name, and if the person speaks Korean, they would probably pronounce it right when they speak in normal speed.

    You've done a pretty good job of translating your name, but when I first read it (I just read the Korean and didn't actually see your name >.>) I pronounced it as Loleo / loreo (or Laurau). It's just the 어 sound is too much like uh, and 아 is closer in pronunciation, but it was pretty close. ^-^

    Sorry for the really long explanation, but I hope I was helpful!

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    The moment reply is right. The 3rd reply has your final identify as Kim (?). So, because the moment reply wrote, your identify could be ? ?? (considering the fact that Koreans write the final identify first). And so far as hand-written as opposed to pc-generated Korean, there rather is not a lot change as there will also be with English. A man or woman could have a "signature" change, however the characters very nearly appear the equal (besides for probably ? can appear a little bit unique). There is an additional spelling of Jun, which might be ?. But that is VERY not going as it's not a ordinary final identify (if ever used). This used to be what a Korean pal simply demonstrated. ^^ (Korean smiley face)

  • 9 years ago

    로라 (lora) is how they'll write your name in Korean. ローラ in Japanese has a similar pronunciation (lo-ra)

    로러 is not a good way to write your name in Korean.

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