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How would a country go about adopting the growing of genetically modified foods?

Practically, if a country approved the growing of Genetically modified crops, such as corn, potatoes, conola, rice etc how would the growing occur?

I'm assuming companies which sell the genetically modified seeds would have to begin to run in the country in order to provide the farmers with the seeds.

My project is on whether or not Indonesia should introduce this procedure in their agriculture. I'm wondering how farmers would be able to afford or just in general aquire the seeds. I can't find any information on the net so any contributions would be appreciated.



for instance, many farmers in india are using GM. how would they be able to receive/afford the crop seeds?

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    If sales of GM seed were approved you can bet that Monsanto would have their sales representatives there faster than you could spit.


    You said; "for instance, many farmers in india are using GM. how would they be able to receive/afford the crop seeds?"

    Many of the smaller farmers wouldn't be able to afford buying new seed every year.

    Unlike traditional crops most GM crops are either produce infertile seeds or the seeds are less productive than the traditional crop.

    At the same time they are able to produced the crop cheaply enough that traditional crops are forced out of the markets by them, just on the point of pricing.

    As this seems to be a design feature of most GM crops it is likely they would be forced out of business and replaced by globalized international corporations running mega-farms.

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    The problem with GM seeds and adoption is the education and allowance of the chemical plans to go with it. There are farmers in China and some places in India who seed GM crops but do not take advantage of the chemical program that makes them effective in production due either to no education of the seed/chem use or because the government forbids their purchase or usage. These seeds also need mechanically planted uniformally to make them yield better as well. Without the equipment to improve depth and uniformaty the crop will not perform. The government needs to open the bureacracy to allow all aspects of GM planting, including the import or building of the machinery to help plant/grow the crops.

    I have included a good Biotech crop adoption website below for further information.

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    Maybe the country won't accept the new food. Like in Africa, there is a food that could solve their hunger problems but they don't trust the way it was genetically modified.

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