Does Anyone Have Any Service Project Ideas?

This is for a major service project I have to do

For the majority of the project I am fixing used cribs for a Life Care Center

However, I am looking for supplements to make this a larger project

I had the idea of making blankets to go with the cribs

What else could I make or do to supplement the cribs and make this a better project?

Any ideas would be great to benefit the community.


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    Right now, your project is just charity. It doesn't transform lives. It helps, but it doesn't transform. It's giving a man to fish instead of teaching a man to fish. It's filling a gap, but not doing anything to close that gap permanently. It's nice, it's good -- but it could be better.

    What could you do to help this organization transform the lives of those it serves?

    Also see

    Ideas for the Girl Scouts Gold and Silver Awards

    These ideas are ALSO good for anyone (not just a Girl Scout) seeking ways to create or lead a sustainable, lasting benefit to a community, to have a leadership role as a volunteer. I think that, as you read through this list, you will get an idea of things you could do at the Life Care Center that would have REAL impact.

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    Do a fund raiser to supply new mattress, bumpers and blankets

    Contact a local Quilt Guild and ask them to make quilts. Ours supplies Catholic Charities for their unwed mother program and women's shelter

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