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Is gender/women's studies just code for feminist studies?

every time ive seen anything refer to itself as womens study or a womens group it has been dominated by feminist politics/writings/propaganda


well except for this yahoo thing - which used to be dominated by feminists and now seems to have backlashed to the other side

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    When I took women's studies courses in the 1970's, women's studies wasn't assumed to be feminist studies, but feminism was definitely studied, along with many other political and ideological beliefs, plus we studied how women were viewed in the media, history, financially, and socially. Today, feminism is still a part of gender and/or women's studies but has evolved quite a bit more to include many areas of study, such as queer theory, gender and art, law, music, health, international issues, and research on gender. Here's a sample definition of Northwestern University's Gender Studies programs:

    Just like 2nd wave feminism had it's focus primarily on specific economic, political and social issues, third wave feminism has a much more diverse array of issues that both men and women are involved in:

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    "Serious Students shouldn't take women's studies".

    ["Recruiting women into the organized feminist movement begins with convincing women that they are victims. Recruits are told that women suffer because of an oppressive societal structure, the patriarchy, which gives men power over women. Marriage lies at patriarchy's core: Traditional marriage and family is a trap for women. Men are viewed with suspicion, potentially violent and looking to oppress."]

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    it is just gender studies now... the only study we should do on feminist is how to shut their big mouths without having to muzzle them...

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    And second-rate scholarship.

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    Yes. And feminism is dominated by Western feminism.

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