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Why Angels, whats with the trade?

Would anybody like to explain to me why trading Joe Saunders, two prospects (both pitchers) and an unknown player (I suspect is Brandon Wood) for a "supposed ace" who has had and ERA over 4 the past 3-4 seasons and has given up 23 homeruns would make sense for a team with a struggling bullpen (aside from Weaver and Santanna who have been getting better.)


Your right Steve C, i hate Wood, although i did see my first grandslam by him amazingly, but what matters me is that i don't see us getting much out of him. Not to mention the deal supposedly gives him $8.5 mil this year and $12.75 the next two. Possibly $15.5 in 2013 depending whether he signs.

Any stats on him would help and I not as familiar with baseball contracts as I am hockey so is this unexpectedly high?

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    D-Backs got ripped off here..

    This is why.

    Haren : 29 years old and signed for 3 more seasons so he's not a rental which could pay of next year if they decide to trade him for better prospects than they gave. Career 86-70, ERA of 3.71, very low WHIP of 1.19, 7.7 K/9 compared to 2.0 BB/9. 299 BB to 1,176 K.

    He's a strikeout machine with great control. He can only go up based on his first half, but he does have an MLB leading 141 Ks.

    The Angels gave up :

    Joe Saunders : 29 years old. Not exactly a prospect. 4.29 career ERA, 5.1 K/9 to 3.0 BB/9, a high 1.39 WHIP and having arguably his worst season of his career 4.62 is second worst, .375 WPCT is worst, 10.1 H/9 is second worst, 1.49 WHIP is second worst, 4.8 K/9 is second worst, 1.42 K/BB is worst.. So he's having a very bad year. Also he could make $6M in arbitration next year, which is not much of a salary dump considering they give up a great player for a sub-average player and only save 6M.

    Patrick Corbin : 21 years old at High-A. A pretty good prospect, but that's all he is. A prospect. Not proven at all. Here is some upside. (This years stats between high and low A.) 13-3, 3.79 K/BB ratio, 3.87 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, 106 K to 109 Hits, 8.0 K/9 but very wild. 4 Hit batters and 10 wild pitches. Not a top prospect but he's showing promise.

    Tyler Skaggs : 1st round pick (40th pick) in 2009 and shares my birthday :D. He's 19 and is at low-A this year. Here are his stats : 3.61 ERA, 8-4, 82 K to 78 hits, 3.90 K/BB, 9.0 K/9, 1.20 WHIP. He's also showing a lot of promise, but once again I believe I read he is the Angels' 9th rated prospect.. 9th.

    Rafael Rodriguez : Seems like a throw-in. 25 years old. 5.51 ERA in 32.2 IP at the MLB level. 1.80 WHIP, 3.0 BB/9 and 3.0 K/9. I don't think he's that special.

    The Angel stole Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks.. I can't believe this was their best offer for the Strikeout-machine.. If this is all Haren got Ted Lilly won't even bring in 3 mid-level prospects, Roy Oswalt would be lucky to bring in 1 big league ready prospect and 1 high rated prospect and guys like Maholm, Gorzelanny, Edwin Jackson, etc. don't have any value at all.

    I think there's going to be a lot of players traded for barely anything.. Nothing as bad as 10 maple bats, but still pretty bad.. Maybe Jackson could bring in a High-A prospect, 5 bats, 50 baseballs and 3 water coolers.

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    Saunders is nothing special and Wood is a bust, but it's still a curious trade. Haren is a much better pitcher in the first half of the season so he's not a good choice to help a team trying to make a playoff push. On the other hand, he is signed through the 2013 season so LA can probably trade him and get a good return on their investment if they fail to make the palyoffs.

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    Why would you be ma, Haren is better than Saundo and the person to be named later might be Tyler Skaggs. Haren now becomes your 2nd starter behind Weaver, if I were you id be doing cartwheels, the Angels got a steal in this trade. Im no Angels fan(I hate them actually) but ive seen Saunders alot(live in Southern Cal and get Angels and Dodgers games sadly) and I say Saunders is overrated, he's nothing special while Haren is one f the Top 25 pitchers in the majors, so be happy and you will see in a few years who got the better of this deal(I say D-Backs got ripped off)

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    I think one of the main reasons they did that was because the rangers got cliff lee. they probably just wanted to add someone who is 'supposedly' an ace so that it looks like they still want to be in the race. otherwise it doesn't make much sense

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    NO. His numbers last year are like 3.14 200k and led the league in whip. I bet he does good here on out. I think this is a good move, at least they made one.

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    I was wondering the same thing myself... I'm gonna have to keep checking in to see if someone can answer this one...

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    i was shocked when i heard the angels picked up dan haren

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