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my daughter is 12 yrs. old and she is starting to get acne what products should she use?

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    i luv clean and clear morning burst cleanser! and u should go to a doctor and get wat would work best for her skin. so she could use a cleanser at night and then put on the prescription medicine. then in the morning she could cleanse again. thats wat i did like 3 years ago wen i started getting acne. and its better to start sooner than later. good luck! =)

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    When I was 12, I used Acnomel. It's a cream for adults, but works for anyone and it's kind of like concealer because it's tinted but it's really acne treatment. You can't buy it in stores so I buy it on Ebay (new of course). It's really cheap and it might seem like a lot but in stores (when they had it) one tube could cost like $12. She can wear it during the day and at night. I apply it about three times a day after washing my face with a washcloth. I'm 14 now and I still love it!

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    I am 14 and have had really bad acne. I wash my face with Bath and Body Works Foaming Anti-bacterial Hand Soap. Believe it or not, it really helps. I also have some prescription face medicines from my doctor. The dermatologist is never really available where I live, and my doctor new more about me anyway. He really helped.

    If you don't want to go to your daughter's doctor, I suggest the brand Clean & Clear. They have amazing products and aren't reasonably priced!!

    Good luck!

    **ALSO** Don't have her wash her face too often. I wash mine one in the morning when I wake up, and one in the evening before bed. If she washes her face too much, it will e stripped of natural oils and such, and her face will become too dry and very painful!

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    9 years ago

    clearasil works and so does tea tree oil. It eliminates redness and dries pimples out so they basically just shrivel up and disappear! it works great.

    you can also go to a dermatologist if you want and she can prescribe you a basic acne creme called duac. This works really well at first, but every time i used it it became less effective. After i took a break from it then came back to it it would work fine again, but if i used it for over a week it would start to just do nothing. weird, right? haha

    tea tree oil has always been my go to acne eliminator though

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    How is her diet and this affects her skin also? Cut back on sweets, greasy foods, more fluid intake. I would recommend washing her face with baby wipes as they are disposable and do not just smear the oil around like a wash cloth, aloe vera gel to dry up the excess oil and a very light moisturizer to off set the drying aloe vera. This is a more natural way. Products like Proactive are very, very drying and can be harsh unless used on more severe cases.

  • Personally ive always loved clean and clear products. the zit zapper cream works greeeatt , black head clearing scrum also the acne wash. . .

    my 2 younger sisters use proactive the only thing about that is you gotta keep using it itll make her break out a little at first then itll clear everything up fast but if she stops using it shell get the pimples right back

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    i started out with anti-acne pads when i was 11, most brands carry then such as stridex, clean and clear and noxmena(can be found in most any grocery store in the shampoo ect. isle), they are easy and usually get the job done for younger kids, if those arent strong enough then go to target or another store like this and pick up an acne kit

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    NONE! you can eliminate her acne permanently.. take her to a dermatologist and they should give her cream and/or pills. trust me they work! or buy natural face wash like "Burt's Bees" natural acne solutions also works wonders

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    it depends on her skin type if its oily get a bead wash like clean & clear pink grape fruit

    if her skin tends to be dryer get a cream wash

    she has to wash in the morning and night no matter what you buy

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    9 years ago

    hi! im 12 yrs old and i use the clinique 3 step skincare system! i luv it!! im combination; oily.

    p.s. my friends use it too and they also luv it!

    good luck!(:

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