The Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges...?

A.) sparked a new round in the Habsburg- Valois wars B.) ended the hundred years' war C.) asserted the rights of the French crown over the French church D.) gave German princes the right to determine the religion of their subjects E.) was rejected by the Austrian nobility

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    The Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges, issued by King Charles VII of France, on July 7, 1438, required a General Church Council, with authority superior to that of the pope, to be held every ten years, required election rather than appointment to ecclesiastical offices, prohibited the pope from bestowing, and profiting from, benefices, and limited appeals to Rome. The king accepted many of the decrees of the Council of Basel without endorsing its efforts to coerce Pope Eugene IV.

    The Gallican church - in the eyes of some - declared administrative independence from the church in Rome, suppressed the payment of annates to Rome, and forbade papal intervention in the appointment of French prelates. While this did result in a loss of papal power in France, the movement of conciliarists itself was divided. In 1449, the Council of Basel was dissolved and the Concilliar Movement suffered a nearly fatal blow.

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    Pragmatic Sanction Of Bourges

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