Do you sometimes forget that John Lennon and George Harrison are passed away?

I always do! Especially when I'm watching "Help!" or "A Hard Day's Night" and I always forget that they're gone.

I think it's because they're such a big part of my music and my life. I always hear about them everyday so it's like they're not even gone. Am I weird or do you guys think this sometimes too?

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    OMG. ALL the TIME!! Like, i'm listening to their music or watching one of their movies or watching a documentary or some sort of footage of them back in the 60's and its like they are still alive! And then the other day i was messing around on Youtube and i clicked on a video that was a news broadcast in 1980 when John died.... and i had this strange, sad 'Holy cow! He was murdered!' Its like the weirdest thing and i got really sad :(. Also, i recently saw a photo of the cover of Yoko Ono's 1981 album and it has the actual glasses that John was wearing when he died. It really makes you think alot harder about how he really was killed.

    Same with George too. Though it helps when i think about George and how he went pretty peacefully.

    I miss them. Alot. Even if i never new them personally, i still feel like i did. Thats what their music and their personalities do to you. You cant help but to fall in love :)

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  • I always think the same thing! Whenever I watch Beatles concerts or movies, I completely forget that John and George are gone. I even forget that Paul and Ringo are almost in their seventies. Whenever I picture the Beatles, I see them in their 20s and 30s forever and ever. Their spirits will always live on in our hearts because they are such a big part of many people's lives. :))

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    Yes! This happened to me just last night!

    I sat down and decided to watch 'A Hard Days Night', and I was smiling away, and then it just seemed to hit me that they were really gone. And to be quite honest with you I began to cry. It upsets me to think that they are really gone. I'm nearly crying now! They were such amazing people who inspired me and many others, and I hope that they have peace wherever they are now.

    RIP John Winston Ono Lennon<3

    RIP George Harold Harrison <3

    Source(s): I'm a 16 year old Beatle fanatic who gets emotional over the smallest things ;D
  • Yes, I do forget most of the time. Just like you, they're a big part of my life so when I think of them, it's like they're still here. When I watch something when they're younger or look at the posters on my wall, I can't believe that they're not physically here. I've never known any of them but they mean so much to me.

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    4 years ago

    troublesome to assert. They have been all super of their very own techniques. i think of i will ought to assert John Lennon because of the fact he's basically so magnificent. John grew to become into continually a guy of peace and his philosophy on existence is corresponding to to mine. If John grew to become into nonetheless alive right this moment, the international may be a a lot diverse place. This I swear. His music had actual emotion in it. a techniques above something maximum artists could make. i will work out why you does not placed Ringo in there. He wasn't almost as sturdy because of the fact something of them. yet he remains sturdy. Peace. ^_^

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    1 decade ago

    With John Lennon, I think there is more to that murder than Chapman acting alone. It's like Oswald acting alone. James Earl Ray acting alone.

    John Lennon was considered one of the most dangerous men in America by the late President Nixon and the FBI. He was nearly deported.

    Chapman was part of a conspiracy. I am sure the FBI had something to do with it.

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    Yes, I'm 14 and was never alive for Lennon, an Harrison, but I wish I was! I would have loved to see them live.

    I still think there alive, when I watch "A Hard Day's Night". that's my favorite Beatle's movie.

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    only when im watching a beatles movie or listening to them sing. They bring so much life into their work that it makes anyone tend to forget. And like someone here already mentioned, whenever i hear something about paul mccartney i still picture him in his 20s wearing a suit, even when i see him on tv, i see him younger than he is.

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    Me too! It doesn't feel like they're gone at all because they're a huge part of my life too, so it's like their actual bodies are gone but their spirit is still here with us. That might sound cheesy but it's kind of true. :P I think about them every day and see pictures and video clips of them everyday so I feel like they're always with me in some way. :)

  • Gail M
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    1 decade ago

    I think about the Beatles all the time, mostly George - so yes, I do forget the actuality.

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