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lifetime movie question?

im watching a movie with nikki reed, alec baldwin and the woman from the matrix in it and i dont know the title

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    Mini's First Time (2006)

    starring Nikki Reed, Alec Baldin, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jeff Goldblum, Luke Wilson

    IMDb synopsis:

    Desperate to be free from her drunken, unloving mother, Diane, the beautiful, scheming young Mini seduces her stepfather, Martin, and soon convinces him to join her in a sadistic scheme to have Diane declared insane. However, their conspiracy soon escalates to murder, and, when John Garson, a young detective starts investigating, Martin and Mini begin to turn on each other.

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  • 10 years ago

    Mini's First Time

    Edit - ack just beat, anyway you can use to look up this type of info by entering in an actor's name and going through their filmography or you can enter an actor's name and then scroll to the bottom of their page and click " credited alongside another name" where you can enter in the name of another actor in the film.

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  • 10 years ago

    mini's first time

    i love this movie.!

    lol i'm watchin it too:)

    she mad twisted in this movie.

    she did a good job:)

    i really like her movie thriteen though. lol

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