What clothing stores are popular in Switzerland?

this kind of goes along with my other question, but I'm just wondering where people, especially ages 16-25, shop. Names of stores greatly appreciated.

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    most people shop at high-street stores here really, such as H&M, Zara, Tally Weijl, Y.Yendi, Esprit and others. But mostly living here, I have always heard swiss peoples conversations and all they say when talking about clothes is "Oh, I got this half price at H&M, I got that at H&M ....."

    a "popular"mall here is Manor, or Bongenie







    Source(s): this might not be accurate to all of Switzerland, but I think it basically covers it. Source: I live in Vevey VOTE ME AS BEST ANSWER!
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    Swiss Clothing Brands

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What clothing stores are popular in Switzerland?

    this kind of goes along with my other question, but I'm just wondering where people, especially ages 16-25, shop. Names of stores greatly appreciated.

    Source(s): clothing stores popular switzerland: https://bitly.im/I3OwF
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    There is a lot of small boutiques that have the latest trends, but without a specific city it is difficult to answer, here is a list of the larger ones which can be found throughout Switzerland

    (Check the clothes so you will some of the trends)




    Local stores for Geneva for example


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    There where everyone else buys their clothes in every country.

    H&M, Taillj Weillj, Zebra, ...,

    Not different in Switzerland

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    Switzerland is a great country. It is quite peaceful, secure and people are nice. You will find lots of people that speak english or more than 3 languages. Normally people that come to the French side (Geneva, Lausanne, ...) are from another country and speak their mother tongue + they have to learn French and usually they already know english. this will give you more flexibility in terms of communication. Where is Switzerland are you going to? To answer your questions: 1. Life in the French speaking part is quite nice. If i take Geneva and Lausanne as examples, they are not huge cities (where do you come from?) but they are quite nice to have a stroll and spend some time outside during spring. In winter everything is quite dead in the city, but you can easily take a train and go spend time in the mountains, great skiing stations but quite expensive though (Verbier, Contamines, Zermatt, Saas Fee...). People are quite friendly and tolerant, for example during a car jam, nobody will horn and if you approach a crossroad, everyone will stop so that you can pass safely. People are usually very honest, they all pay for the newspaper (the box is open, the concept is based in trust i suppose) and if someone gave you more change, they will point it out quite honestly. I repeat, these are Swiss people though. In the weekends, you sometimes get bored on the Sundays, overall during winter. You will need to make friends quite quickly so that you keep busy. Saturdays are quite OK but everything closes at 6pm. and i mean everything. During the week, stores close at 7 usually, at the exception on Thursdays (Geneve) and Fridays (Vaud) which are the "nocturnes", meaning that everything closes at 9pm. 2. High Schools : you have the private and the public. Private high schools are very chic, i dont find them interesting, its like Gossip Girl. Public school, well you do not have to wear a uniform and you will need to follow them in French. Schools are quite ok but the level is somewhat low, in comparison to a private school. Teachers are quite flexible, sometimes it seems that they dont care much who's listening. As for the hours, depends on what you are studying but you can consider the day finished at 5pm. It usually starts at 8. On Wednesdays everything finishes at 12pm. You will need to do HW like in any other school obviously but teachers have a principle that pupils should not pass more than 1 exam per day, either it is a dictation or exposée or written... I found that quite inacceptable since, coming from a private school, we could have 3 exams per day and it was too bad for us. TEachers in public schools are quite social in that aspect! the classes, again it depends on what you'll study. for a teen, id say you will have German, French, English, History & Geo, Maths of course, PE (mandatory for teens but not for tertiary education) 3. Schools can go until 6 at night but that should not be for teens but for someone who is doing the Maturité Professionelle. Depends on what you are studying. During week days there are not many things to do so i recommend you make some friends with whom you can go out or have some fun. 4. Fashion is quite dark in the winter (people often wear black, brown, grey...) and in summer it becomes a bit more bright. For teens id say, stick to jeans and to convenional outwear if you're attending a public school. If you're going to private, then you will probably have to review your wardrobe everyday. Fashion is influenced by the UK, Spain, Germany and other countries. As for food, Swiss people love eating a good meal at midday - normally wherever you go, you will have the Plat du Jour, which is the tendency at middays. otherwise, people love eating fondue and raclette, and also bread. Popular stores: what kind? for clothes, you have Zara, H&M, Bon Génie, Orsay... for food, Migros and Coop are the most popular supermarkets. Other popular shops Sprungli (chocolates), PKZ (menwear), Pfister & Ikea (furniture), Guess, etc... For restaurants in Geneva, I recommend Le Relais de l'Entrecote, Misuji, Tortellino, Nah Village Have a great time in Switzerland! On a personal note, i was supposed to come here for 1 year. Today, it's been 11 years and 5 days :)

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    hi is there Marks & Spenser shop

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