I could really use some help.?

I need help finding middle names for the girl names:








And the boy name Talon.

And I need a first name for the middle name Camden (boy).

Also if you want to suggest more names that would be great too, my husband keeps shooting down all my boy names.

Their last name will be Kilby.(Kil-be)


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    1 decade ago
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    Harper Avery Kilby

    Delilah Jacqueline Kilby

    Marley Christine Kilby

    Tabitha Francine Kilby

    Piper Katherine Kilby

    Jocelyn Rose Kilby

    Talon Camden Kilby

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    Harper Ainsley

    Harper Kai

    Harper Presley

    Harper Adeline

    Harper Bronte

    Delilah Serafina

    Delilah Lyric

    Delilah Cadence

    Delilah Cassidy

    Delilah Azure

    Marley Auden

    Marley Adair

    Marley Teagan

    Marley Sloane

    Markley Skye

    Tabitha Jane

    Tabitha Alice

    Tabitha Kendall

    Tabitha Rhiannon

    Tabitha Wren

    Piper Shiloh

    Piper Brinley

    Piper Cambria

    Piper Emery

    Piper Eleni

    Jocelyn Dahlia

    Jocelyn Lorelai

    Jocelyn Astoria

    Jocelyn Odessa

    Jocelyn Isolde

    Miley Arden

    Miley Laine

    Miley Jane

    Miley Blythe

    Miley Eden

    Talon Rhys

    Talon Gage

    Talon Atticus

    Talon Beckett

    Talon Callum

    Asher Camden

    Sawyer Camden

    Daniel Camden

    Aidan Camden

    Brody Camden

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    Harper Amelia Kilby

    Deliah Justine Kilby

    Marley Hope Kilby

    Tabitha Jane Kilby

    Piper Alice Kilby

    Jocelyn Arianna Kilby

    Miley Elena Kilby

    Talon Gage Kilby

    Dallas Camden Kilby

  • 1 decade ago

    Harper Lynn

    Delilah Hannah

    Marley Samantha

    Tabitha James

    Piper Renee

    Jocelyn Reese

    Miley Joyce

    Talon Anthony

    Justin Camden

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  • 1 decade ago

    Harper Claire Kilby

    Delilah Justice Kilby ( my favorite)

    Marley Regina Kilby

    Tabitha Nicole Kilby

    Piper Lucille Kilby

    Jocelyn Alexis Kilby

    Miley Sophia Kilby

    Talon Anthony Kilby

    Samuel Camden Kilby

    Other boys names i like are

    Brian Frederick Kilby

    Josiah Cordell Kilby

    Amari James Kilby

  • 1 decade ago

    Harper Cecilia

    Delilah Rose

    Marley Beth

    Tabitha Ann

    Piper Grace

    Jocelyn Hope

    Miley Grace

  • 1 decade ago

    I really love the names you have chosen!

    Harper Lee, like the author or Harper Danielle.

    Delilah Rose or Delilah Mae. Will her nickname be Lilah?

    Marley Grace or Marley Hope.

    Tabitha Renee or Tabitha Jane.

    Piper Rose or Piper Gabrielle.

    Jocelyn Mae or Jocelyn Leanne.

    Miley Grace or Miley Sophia.

    Talon Michael or Talon James.

    Tanner Camden or Bennett Camden "Ben".

    Some boy's name you both might like would be Owen, Hayden and Mason.


  • 1 decade ago

    Harper- Rosalie

    Delilah- Mary Ann


    Tabitha- Jo Ann

    Piper- Alice

    Jocelyn- Jolie

    Miley- Esme

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