Where can a teenager take a pocket knife in his pocket?

Is it legal for a teenager to carry a pocket knife in his pocket? It is not a switch blade because you need to use your fingernail to open it. If it is legal, where can I take it besides school grounds and airports? Is it allowed in stores like Rite Aid, Gas stations, supermarkets. PA is the state. I want to carry it just in case someone tries to kidnap me or assault me.

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    You can`t take it to a airport,school ground`s,or other`s place`s that has a LAW on weapon`s....Me I carry mine with me every were......walking, store`s, gas station`s,public park`s,supermarket`s,rite aid,wall green`s,wal-mart,k mart,mall`s...ETC....If you don`t have a pocket clip on it put it in your back pocket :D


    weapon" means... any... dagger, knife, razor or cutting

    instrument, the blade of which is exposed in an automatic

    way by switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or


    - also see 24 P.S. 13-1317.2. re: students bringing weapons

    on to school property. <----------------------That`s the PA law about knive`s

    Pennsylvania case law:

    Where opening knife required lock to be released, and

    once lock was released blade could be exposed by flip of

    wrist, knife did not have blade which could be "exposed in

    an automatic way"... by "otherwise" legislature referred

    to knives that were opened by some sort of mechanism which

    is not a "switch," "push-button," or "spring" mechanism

    but still a mechanism... (1979) <-------------- another LAW by PA state

    So yeah your Good on your pocket knife :D

    Source(s): I own 143 kinve`s
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